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NicksWebDesignLA clients cover most the entire front page of local organic SERP including copycat Venicecashforcars.com

NicksWebWorks Web Design Clients Get Top Organic SERP

What Is SERP?

SERP is short for "Search Engine Results Placement" or search engine results page. Either way, it's an acronym that you need to know. Where you are "in the SERPs" can have a huge effect on your business bottom line. Most everyone now knows that your business website needs to be in the top 5 search results placement to get found online.

What is Organic SERP

The term "organic" refers to natural search results as opposed to "paid" ads such as PPC (pay per click), like the links you see at the top of the search results page and usually on the right side column. As much as some folks would like, you can't buy organic SERP. Organic SRP is earned by "Relevance" and "Authority" of your website to the search term. To be the most relevant answer to a search query, all those elements must include keywords that come naturally by writing great content. That said, search engine marketers have been trying to game the system for years, and that keeps Google software engineers on their toes constantly. It's a never ending cat and mouse game. Google does tell you how to get top ranking with it's SEO Starter Guide. You want top organic SERP for the simple fact that Market research has shown organic search results get over 75% of the click throughs because they are trusted to be more relevant to your search query.

What is "on-page" SEO?

"On-page" SEO is search engine optimization, a web design and code technique that gets search engines to rank you at the top of organic SERP. NicksWebworks proven technique includes everything from the html code, how your images are named and tagged, all the way to your ad copy. Relevant content is words and content that are the best match for a search term. This includes the process of placing keywords in the page titles, meta tags, anchor text links, image alt and title "tags" and body text of a web page. There is a formula to copywriting, image naming and tagging involving keyword placement that gets top SERP. No longer can you scatter or "stuff" keywords anywhere on the page. As Google and the other search engines improve their search algorithms, they can filter out the "black hat" SEO sites which are generally nothing more than vehicles for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisemnets and have little to do with your actual search. The search engines will even penalize your web site for such "black hat" seo techniques!

What is "off-page" SEO?

Off-page SEO goes to "Authority" as in, who's linking to your website? And are they relevant to your subject or product? It is the process of obtaining and pointing links to your website. This is also known as link building, using a mixture of one way links, reciprocal links or three way links. The best way to get those links is to write about your business or activity in an engaging and informative way that would inspire people to link to you naturally. That, and including links to your relevant web pages when you post to your Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, Google + and a real heavy hitter, YouTube videos. Buying links and "link wheels" no longer work and can get your website sent to Siberia, never to be seen again.

Depending on your online competition, publishing blog entries regularly, issuing press releases or making viral images and videos would be another way to get quality links and traffic to your site. The more traffic you get, the more "authority" Google calculates you have and ranks your website higher. Plainly, the squeaky wheel gets the grease (and the link juice).

That said, leaving informative, on-topic comments to blogs, forums and directories in your market niche is a great way to get link "juice" to your website. We can consult with you and then formulate a winning monthly SEO strategy to fit your budget.


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