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About NicksWebWorks SEO Web Design Company

NicksWebWorks is the Los Angeles based SEO web design and consultancy of Nick Sharp and associates.

In the Beginning

Nick started web design in 1998 as a cost effective way to promote his business. He had experience using Mac and Windows computers for doing everything from creating and promoting music and the arts to business and publishing financial news daily. Website design was a convergence of Nick's experience and expertise, so as word spread about his web design success, other friends and colleagues asked for help and web design became a lucrative sideline.

When the big recession hit in 08-09, many of the more astute small business owners knew they needed a website to show up at the top of organic SERP (Search Engine Results Placement) for their keywords. Around the 4th quarter of '09, there were many requests for web design solutions so Nickswebworks came into existence as a web design company to help solve business problems.

Being in contact with the top engineers at Yahoo back then didnt hurt either and their advice from that time still rings true today. After all, how did you come to find NicksWebWorks?

The Present

Here at NickswebWorks we pride ourselves on giving you the best value for your web presence dollar! We start with attractive and compelling original graphic art from your all important logo to page layout, the kind that invites and inspires action from all who visit your website.

SEO web design is heavily market researched design that takes into account all kinds of psychological factors to determine page layout and overall design aesthetic that gets you the results you need to reach your business goals. The best part is, large multinational corporations have already spent billions in web marketing research, so why reinvent the wheel? Because we research your competition so thoroughly, it's even better for you to trust NWW with your SEO web design. That's like getting multi-million dollar ad agency work for pennies on the dollar.

Next, we code your pages with "semantic" html 5 and CSS 3 (cascading style sheets version 3) for the cleanest presentation, optimized for best search engine results placement (SERP) and ease of maintenance over the long term. As your business grows and develops, so will your website.

Look at our Case Studies and Gallery pages to read about how many small business/sole proprietors have prospered greatly from NWW's SEO web design techniques

The Future

Nick says: "As an artist with a technical side, and a natural born communicator, I put many years of experience in art, computer technology, sales, marketing and web savvy to work for you in creating a website that brings results. As an experienced marketer, salesman and copy writer, myself and my team will compose keyword researched LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) copy for you, using your own words, with the latest web design technology. We research your market niche by studying your online competition and using special web analytical tools to focus on the best keywords and phrases in the proper amount of text necessary, implementing LSI (latent semantic indexing) to get the job done right, the first time. No matter how good your website looks, in the "keyword" realm of current web search technology, content is king and we are the "Kings of Content".

Get SEO Web Design Now

We may not be the lowest price in town, but we could be the best value! In this market, you very well could get LESS than what you pay for when you do webdesign on the cheap! Ask for a FREE consultation and find out why that is. I'll explain in plain English about "new" web technologies and their importance to your website's Search Engine Optimization and how the best practices can still be affordable and, more importantly, PROFITABLE, especially for a "David" up against "Goliath".

What I have discovered is the "Clean Code Advantage".

This is what I offer to you now at reasonable rates for a professional look and feel that your business, association or project demands - everything from family and hobbies to professional, informational, e-commerce and entertainment - with the look, feel and relevant content that your clients, customers and prospects expect."

Contact us today for a FREE consultation and quote!

Thanks in advance for choosing Nick's Web Works as your web design partner.

Get Free SEO Web Design Consultation

Get Free SEO Web Design Consultation


News Flash! Nickswebworks #1 for "seo web design los angeles"

Wow! If we can get NWW to the top of serp for an extremely competitive search term, imagine what we can do for your website in the SERPs!

(This is a very old news flash. NWW was #1 globally for years, now #1 Los Angeles. 2014 saw a global SERP drop to #64. Learn how NWW recovered top organic SERP.

David vs Goliath

- or -

How SEO Levels the Playing Field for Small to Medium Business

Reach. Local. It is a proven fact that top ORGANIC search results placement yields more page views and resultant increase in revenues. If your website is not in the first couple pages of search results, that is money wasted on an ineffective web design strategy and opportunity lost. Currently, just doing SEO "by the book" has put NWW sole proprietor clients right up there, if not ON TOP of, the "big boys" in ORGANIC (not paid) search results.

That's the "Clean Code Advantage" at work! Most small biz web sites are relatively "young", lack relevant content and not coded in a way that Google (Yahoo and bing) likes. Even if you have a large media budget with print, radio and TV ads that display your URL (web address), you still want to invest in proper "on page" SEO web design techniques to leverage your media buys as well as your search engine marketing. This is absolutely mandatory for getting your very important message to the buyers and clients you seek.

SEO - Part Art, Part Science, All VooDoo

Nobody really knows the Google algorithms and what strategies they employ on a daily basis in their mission to provide the most relevant search returns for their users (your potential clients). Their job is to "end your search" by displaying the most relevant websites for your query. Many web designers over the years have tried to game the system, but the search engine designers are busy tweaking their code to make sure search results are what the user wants. The most recent large scale algorithm changes are code named "Panda" and "Penguin". The idea was for Google to separate the wheat from the chaff and in the process dropped many websites from its index.

That said, no reputable web designer can make GUARANTEES about your Search Engine Results Placement, or what is known as SERP. As search engine programming gets more sophisticated, so must a webdesigner's techniques and strategies. We DO promise that we'll make sure your site has the "Clean Code Advantage" built in from the ground up, that gives your website a strong foundation from which you can build your search engine marketing (SEM) strategy.

So far, the results for our clients have been phenomenal! Don't take our word for it. See for yourself What our clients say about us.

No promises. Just proven results.

Why wait? Get the "Clean Code Advantage" working for you TODAY
Every minute you wait is a business opportunity lost!


What We DO

  1. CONTENT that Google loves is written by humans that can actually read and write! We are our own "spell-check"!
  2. CLEAN CODE - We design your web pages with the cleanest html5 code . We can convert your web site from iPad/iPhone invisible flash to HTML5 and CSS.
  3. GOOGLE FRIENDLY CUSTOM GRAPHICS - We tag all images with your chosen keywords so Google, Yahoo and bing can find you!
  4. PROVEN WEB DESIGN TECHNIQUE - Put the "Clean Code Advantage" to work for you today! Every minute you wait is a business opportunity lost.
  5. CUSTOM WORDPRESS DESIGN - from a brochure site to a full on ecommerce solution, we can customize the worlds most popular content management (CMS) system to reflect your company's unique identity and style.


Get Free SEO Web Design Consultation


Convert Your Flash Website to HTML5

For Top SERP and be seen on iPhone/iPad/iPod

Nick's Web Works invites you to join us as strategic web partners!

Healthcare gets the SEO web design treatment. Manchester Medical Group's Urgent Care Los Angeles Screen Shot of urgent Care Los Angeles by nickswebworks

And Acupuncturist Dr Laurie Binder prescribes NWW's SEO web design for Los Angeles Acupuncture screen shot of Los Angeles Acupuncture website by nickswebworks