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NicksWebDesignLA clients cover most the entire front page of local organic SERP

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It's No Secret - Google Tells You How to Rank High In Search

Do you want to know how to get your web site to rank high in search results for your keywords and reap the financial benefits of your high SERP? Google's tells how with their SEO Starter Guide.

Download the pdf and settle in for a nice, long read. Then, when your eyes glaze over, give me a call 323-960-5655 or use my handy online form 24/7. Gets #1 ORGANIC SERP

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Within 1 Week of Launch!!

screen shot of client Mountain Cash For Cars home page Valencia Newhall Santa Clarita

Mike Laser Of Mountain Motors came to NWW by way of referral. He wanted to have a website that showed up tops in SERP for his local area. Often, a local SERP can be had because the online competition for smaller cities and towns is not that sophisticated. Your potential customers would rather deal with someone who is local, for many reasons. Those are the best kind of customers, because they are good for repeat business and referrals. So if you want to improve your web presence in the community, then call NWW and get a professional website design that will be tops in search because Nick Sharp is the King of Local SERP!

SEO Web Design for Top Organic Search Results Placement

screenshot TAS SERP

This job for The Appointment Source (TAS) in New York City was one of the first assignments for NWW in 2010, 6 months after launch. Because our first client was experiencing great SERP success, that made NWW's Clean Code Advantage SEO web design techniques sought after by small business all over the nation.

This case is different because NWW had to incorporate our on page SEO techniques to an existing design that the client did not want to change. Even working with these constraints we achieved our goal of top organic SERP for his prime search keywords, where TAS remains to this day.

The savings in ad spend alone makes NWW SEO web design the best ROI you can find in SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Gets The Appointment Source Marketing Firm in NYC Top SERP and Still There Since 2010!

screen shot The Appointment Source homepage

Top Organic SERP in Local Search

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SEO web design with the "Clean Code Advantage" gets your website tops in organic local search results, the holy grail of search engine marketing. More than just keywords, it's all in the design technique, implementing industry best practices which means coding with the latest HTML5 and CSS. The sad fact is, many talented visual artists who are web designers DO NOT or WILL NOT employ these techniques. Their reasons are numerous but usually it's because these techniques require time and dedication to master and some can be genuinely too busy to learn these techniques. Whatever the reasons, the truth is, to get a new website with young domain age (no history), few or no back links or little content, to rank requires more detail work in the HTML which takes more time. It's a quality issue, and that quality goes into EVERY website designed by Nickswebworks.
Web design with SEO in mind - it's in the code!

SEO Web Design Gets Top Organic SERP Nationwide

Organic Search for Los Angeles Dealer Gets Page 1 NYC

"OK smarty pants! So you got Local Search wired. What about nationwide?? hmmmm???"

If you want accurate, reasonably unbiased search results, do this - Clear your browser history, clear your browser cache, sign out of Gmail (or whatever Google account is open) reboot your computer and set location for someplace far away... in my case, New York City.

View an example of seo web design so strong, it crosses state lines. This image is only part of the page. Click on the image to enlarge and notice out of 73,000,000 results for "sell my classic car", NWW clients Chequered Flag Int'l and get page one SERP. The big deal here is that these are Los Angeles area used car dealers showing up in results of NYC... and ATL... and SFO, etc. Web design with SEO in mind gets top organic serp - wherever on the globe you may be.


SEO Web Design For Top Organic SERP

Top 5 Website Redesign Tips


A business website is a business tool and should deliver business results. Leave the works of art to the galleries and museums. Your career and your company will thank you for it.