Top 5 Website Redesign Tips

When doing a website redesign, we keep these 5 tips in mind and use Nickswebworks' "Clean Code Advanatge" in the process for maximum SERP.


  1. Goal: More visitors and leads. The reason you are redesigning your website is to impact your business, not because you or your CEO are bored with the design. So, focus on the results you want: more visitors, leads and customers, then make decisions based on these goals.
  2. Avoid pitfalls. Inventory your assets and protect them. A website redesign can negatively impact your results by unintentionally removing the assets - website pages and links - that are driving the most leads for you. Make sure to figure out your most powerful pages and links and protect them during the redesign process. This is where Google analytics comes into play
  3. Invest in remarkable content that attracts visitors and converts them into leads. A fancy design does not necessarily bring results. Focus on function over over form. Create an ongoing content creation strategy (this means blogging!) to add more content to your website over time.
  4. Create conversion opportunities with calls to action and landing pages. Once you have visitors coming to your website, give them the opportunity to give you their contact information in exchange for content. This means using landing pages - and having control over your landing pages - as you build out your new website.
  5. Measure the impact on visitors and leads. At the beginning of your website redesign process, you decided you wanted to increase visitors and leads. Did it work? Make sure you have the website analytics in place to measure your progress towards your goals.

A business website is a business tool and should deliver business results. Leave the works of art to the galleries and museums. Your career and your company will thank you for it.

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SEO tip #3

Are your images tagged??

Website Design with SEO in Mind® uses the Clean Code Advantage system which includes properly "tagging" all images (pictures, logos and other graphic elements). That may include updating older "Flash" elements and convert them to HTML5 and CSS3 to be "searchbot" friendly. Remember, its "all about the words" for your on-page SEO.
so... tag that logo!
It's a little extra work that pays off in a BIG WAY!

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(mouse over links to see title tags in action!)

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  • Chequered Flag International Classic Car Dealer Los Angeles logo 100
  • b2b appointment setting The Appointment Source logo
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  • Nick Sharpe's Blues Garage - Hot Cars, Cool Bikes, Wicked Web Design




What We DO

  1. CONTENT that Google loves is written by humans that can actually read and write! We are our own "spell-check"!
  2. CLEAN CODE - We design your web pages with the cleanest html5 code . We can convert your web site from iPad/iPhone invisible flash to HTML5 and CSS.
  3. GOOGLE FRIENDLY CUSTOM GRAPHICS - We tag all images with your chosen keywords so Google, Yahoo and bing can find you!
  4. PROVEN WEB DESIGN TECHNIQUE - Put the "Clean code Advantage" to work for you today! Every minute you wait is a business opportunity lost.
  5. CUSTOM WORDPRESS DESIGN - from a brochure site to a full on ecommerce solution, we can customize the worlds most popular content management (CMS) system to reflect your company's unique identity and style.


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