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"I am so happy with Nick's Webworks! He did an amazing job! If you still have a Flash website that can't be seen on iPads and iPhones, update your website to HTML5!" - "Lady Bret" Crain

The first rule of SEO web design is "It takes more than a pretty face to be number 1 in search results!" Yes, your Flash website razzles and dazzles and looks pretty but only to those who can FIND it! Flash was a great leap forward TEN YEARS AGO, but today has been replaced by modern coding techniques and modern web browsers. Without a large (and expensive) marketing effort or word of mouth, your beautiful Flash website that you paid dearly for is INVISIBLE not only in search results, but also cannot be viewed with the millions of iPhones/iPads and iPods in use today! That's the "kiss of death" for any web marketing strategy! It's even worse if you're an artist trying to peddle your wares in the entertainment business, because they are almost exclusively on the Mac iOS with the iPad, iPhone or iPod, none of which run Flash! This must be remedied right away. Every minute you wait is an opportunity lost so contact us now and let Nickswebworks SEO web design get you top organic SERP on the iPhone/iPad/iPod TODAY!

The Problem with Flash Websites

Having Flash elements in your website, if done properly, can be quite effective. The problem is, because Flash can be easy to master, many "old school" web designers found they could make big dollars for little work selling "razzle dazzle" eye candy websites designed completely in Flash. Very nice. Except for one problem... Flash files are basically "movies" and Google, Yahoo or bing can't read MOVIES. Or pictures. As a consequence, much of the very important informational text on a Flash website is rendered unreadable to search engines and that makes your "lovely to look at" Flash website not only invisible in search results, but also to the very popular platforms mentioned previously. Nickswebworks "Clean Code Advantage" implements industry best practices and that results in very high, if not number one placement in search results (SERP) for all of our webdesign clients.

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This "Get Started" button is all hand coded CSS3. It is not an image file that needs a server call or adds to page weight.
This is what Google prefers and this is how its done! (click view source to see code)