What Is SERP? Defining an Acronym and the Value of Longtail Keywords

So here I go, tootin’ my own horn on Facebook about how my seo web design techniques get top organic serp. Sure enough, one of my friends asks “what’s organic serp?”. Goes like this:

(friend) Yo! what does “organic serp” mean?
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Nick Sharpe: I’m glad u asked! organic “serp” (search engine results placement) is the holy grail of web marketing. If you are listed at the top of “organic” (not paid) Google search results (or serp), that means that your website was the most relevant to the search inquiry. It also means that Google trusts your website to be the most relevant based on many factors, because the aim of Google is to end your search. This is important for business because most folks don’t click beyond the top 3 results. Everybody does everything on the web, so top serp is a must. And that’s what I help folks do, get their websites to the top of Google organic search results for their keywords. It takes more than a “pretty face” to be #1 in search! Go to nickswebworks.com for more details and feel free to call or email for more info. Thx for asking ๐Ÿ™‚
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The acronym “serp” is somewhat new to clients and people who need seo for their websites. Some web designers define serp as “search engine results page”, referring to your website’s position on the page. I had come across the definition “search engine results placement” almost a year ago and have been using “serp” instead of “srp” (search results placement). It’s a easier to say – like “top of serp” or “high in the serps”, etc.

As a longtail keyword, with nowhere near the amount of clicks the more competitive term “web design” gets, the search for “serp web design” means that the prospect knows what they want. In other words, the most qualified prospect any business could want! Nickswebworks.com position at the top for “serp web design” and more impressively, “organic serp web design” has generated almost half of this year’s revenue! Not bad for a 2 year old business, eh? All that for a key phrase I didn’t even tune for!

How did I find out (my position)? I asked a prospective seo webdesign client from across the country “how did you find me?” (a good question to ask ALL your prospects, btw). he replied that I was #1 for “web design for serp”.

Surprise! He also said “anybody can make a web site, but only the web designer at the top of serp can get you there!

Works for me ๐Ÿ™‚

(here’s the pitch…)

Get the Clean Code Advantage and leave your competition in the dust!

Let Nickswebworks seo web design work its magic for your website, whether it’s a brand new webdesign or an existing website for an established business. NWW’s “Clean Code Advantage” has proven to the most effective “on-page” seo webdesign technique available to busineses, large and small. It has made quite a few “”David v Goliath” stories come true. Let it come true for you. Contact nickswebworks.com seo web design and get you on your way to top organic serp today!


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  1. nickswebworks

    I guess this is what makes the web world go round. Not too mention, I’m a Florida boy in LA and these guys have a great looking web design style.
    Yo! Lauderdale! Lets hook up! You do the visuals and farm out all the tedious on-page SEO to me, Nick Sharpe!
    check me http://nickswebworks.com- ps I miss the rock casino and tight squeeze clubs of the 70s,the Button and Ocean Mist at A1A and Los Olas ๐Ÿ™‚

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