WEB Security and Your Bottom Line

Your Business Website is Vulnerable

hackers are web bandits
Beware Website Hackers

The web is still the wild, wild west, with bandidos lying in wait through every pass, ready to exploit holes in your website security that can leave your online presence on the side of the road, left for dead.
I regret to inform you, but most of the work I’ve been doing the past couple years has been less design work than resurrecting dead websites, then setting up web security to protect those websites from future attacks.
Not just my clients, but also this website.

The Resurrection of NicksWebWorks

After wrestling with a major spam attack of my biggest customer’s network of lead generator websites, I learned a thing or two about website security and the process hackers use to either take a site down, or appropriate the top organic SERP for their own. Usually, this involves links to pages for Viagra or Cialis, products not in your business offering, but get extremely high search query volume. These pages can then take prominent places in organic SERP for those keywords, meanwhile your website disappears completely. That’s what happened to Nickswebworks.com seo web design, disappeared from top SERP completely and a site: search revealed my NWW website had been hacked and kidnapped! (by a bunch o’ limp dicks, I suppose)

A Note About “Clear Cache Browser”

This is what I mean by “clear cache” browser – what I constantly admonish my web design customers to do is, before checking your website or your SERP position, go to your browser’s history and clear EVERYTHING (from the beginning of time). That wipes out everything in the browser cache, including visited pages, cookies and much more (including remembered passwords). That will give you a more accurate picture of the health of your website and true SERP position. A web page in browser cache will still be displayed even if the page is not available online (an unintended consequence of speeding up page load times, and the web). Google search results will display your page prominently in the SERPs if it has recently been visited, when in reality, its not on page one at all. (For many reasons, details upon request). It’s also good to visit your website with a “clear cache browser” to check its health. By time I (or you) get a notice from Google (or sometimes GoDaddy) it could be too late, the damage is done and repairs need to be effected immediately. If you wonder why your phone hasn’t been ringing lately, this could be why.

Web Security Solutions

Website security comes in many flavors but mostly involves implementing a firewall to keep out the bad guys. Nickswebworks core competency is web design, not network administration, so that’s another reason I recommend GoDaddy hosting for my clients’ business websites. GoDaddy techs and customer service reps are available 24/7 (especially if I am not).
After I have identified and removed all malware from your website, get the website back in tip top shape, then I order the web security product from GoDaddy. They use “Securi”, a brand with a good reputation that seems to work really well for a whole network of lead generator websites. Implementing and setting up web security with weekly monitoring by email can be confusing and Nickswebworks offers that service, to procure the right product and handle the implementation.

SSL is NOT Website Security

SSL is “secure socket layer” which means that sensitive personal data like birth date or credit card info can be encrypted to keep hackers from stealing your identity. But SSL only secures the connection, not the website itself. It’s prime objective is to prevent identity theft. Websites with SSL protection will have an “https:” in the URL and also will display a green lock icon in the browser address bar indicating an encrypted secure connection. A website without SSL will display a broken lock icon or the browser will put up a big scary page saying your website connection is not secure.
The forms on Nickswebworks website only ask for publicly known contact info so SSL is not necessary, although the scuttlebutt is, SSL can improve your rank in Google’s organic SERP . (That remains to be seen IMHO)
SSL is a separate service altogether and does NOTHING to protect your website from “bad hombres” (hackers). Only a dedicated website security product can keep the hackers at bay. SSL may not be important depending on what your website is designed to do. However, website security is very important, no matter what your intention and if you want to stay “on the air”, Nickswebworks can offer assistance in setting up your website security and do it now before its too late.