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Welcome to SSL Hell Is It Really Worth It? SSL is, especially when someone lands on your website only to be greeted by a large graphic screaming “DANGER! WILL ROBINSON! ALIEN APPROACHING!”, scaring the living daylights outta your prospective customer. Then they bounce! We can’t have that now, can we? So, off to the webhost

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8 SEO tips for small local business websites to keep going strong.

For many small business owners, promoting products and services online can seem like a daunting and difficult task. Advertising online is becoming increasingly competitive and preparing your website for search is now as much about marketing as it is about optimization. Here is a compiled a list of tips that will enable you to effectively

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Long Tail Rides Again

I Told You So Dept: In the wild world of SEO (search engine optimization, for those of you playing at home), some constants never change. However, because the monetary value between a  #1 search result placement (SRP) and a  #5 SRP can be ridiculously HUGE, there is a constant battle between search engine marketers, aka

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Investing in SEO? What you need to know NOW

When selecting an SEO provider, you’ll find there are a lot of them, but not all offer the same services – or results. Look for an expert, ideally someone with experience in your industry. And don’t expect immediate results. SEO is a process that builds upon itself and can take time to show value. If

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