Organic SERP and WordPress Migration for SEO


Screw up one little thing and WP suspends or archives all my posts regarding SEO and how it effects your organic serp. I’m migrating the blog from the WordPress site to this here NWW site for the link juice.
This is the new NicksWebWorks SEO blog for 2012, a must read if you are a web designer or a business client paying for web design, because SERP is an acronym just as important to know as SEO. In this case, I use a definition I found last year:

SERP: Search Engine Results Placement

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

The term SEO is quite established and understood. SERP is less so, which has also been defined as “search engine results page”.

Take your pick, but Im goin with #1.

It has made me $$ in 2011. Do a search for organic serp web design and NWW is at the top. Longtail for sure , but being at #1 is best!

Who wants to be at the top of Google search?

Go to and tour the site. Then got to the NicksWebWorks contact page and ask for a FREE web consultation.

As regards the NWW blog, we’re gathering the old content and generating new, so check back in a awhile to see it all put together, where it belongs.

nick sharpe