Long Tail Rides Again

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screen shot of Google search results page with nickswebworks.com at the top for "organic serp web design"

A perfect example of Long Tail Keyword and How to Rule Your Niche

In the wild world of SEO (search engine optimization, for those of you playing at home), some constants never change. However, because the monetary value between a  #1 search result placement (SRP) and a  #5 SRP can be ridiculously HUGE, there is a constant battle between search engine marketers, aka SEOs, and the search engines themselves, as SEOs work to rank their clients at the the top, primarily to justify their high monthly fees. That incentive brings out the the dirty trickster in even the most honest of marketers (that’s an oxymoron, emphasis on “moron”). There’s also forums that sell these techniques to newbie SEOs and the desperate vets alike. Every trick in the book is for sale, and they all play on the desire to be number 1 in search engine results placement (SERP).
For the past couple years, Nick’s Web Works has gained a reputation for getting ALL of our web design clients at or near the top of Google search for their keywords. That’s what keeps NWW in business. No promises, just proven results and word gets around. Those proven results are in good measure because of “long tail keywords”.


What Is A Long Tail Keyword?


Let’s say you sell “pet supply” products. “Pet supply” a very broad search term which gets millions of searches. The competition is very high for this search term and also very broad. For example, if you have a special on leashes for dogs, someone looking for hamster supplies is NOT going to click on your search result entry. If they are looking for leashes, then they will click on your entry (providing you state “leashes” as a keyword). That’s called Click Though Rate or CTR.

To get better CTR, you need to rank high for more specific keywords or keyword phrases, especially those that may only get 1000s of searches and not hundreds of thousands. An example would be “nylon dog leashes”. The more specific you get, the better qualified your prospect will be and the likelihood that they will buy from you increases exponentially over someone doing a broad search.


How Do I Get Long Tail Keywords?


When I started this business in late 2009, I found out that SEO is all about the words. I even wrote pages on this subject on the NWW website. To review, basically, just tell your story, in your own words and the keywords will be there. Google spends every waking hour refining its search algorithms to bring you the best possible search result. Their job is to “end your search“. That said, accurate and complete descriptions of whatever product or service that you offer will always win out over the crazy voodoo that most SEOs employ. That means no more dirty tricks like keyword stuffing or millions of crappy backlinks from Russia and India pointing at your web site.


Long Tail Rides Again


Long Tail Keywords were a natural by-product of NWW’s Clean Code Advantage web design technique. We’ve been doing this all along and have profited handsomely ourselves.
Case in Point – do a Google search for “web design” and NWW won’t even be in the top 50! Search SEO web design and you’ll find us in the top 10 or 15. Search “seo web design los angeles” and we’re number 1 in Google search results (a/o Oct 1 2012). So you see how more specific the keyword, the higher the SERP or, search engine results placement. That provides you with the most qualified prospect. Fact is, one of our biggest clients from across the country found NWW with “web design for SERP”. We were at the top and got his business because, in his words, “anybody can design a website, but only the guy at the top of Google search can get you there”. That was a quote from Alex Rogers of the Protein Factory in New Jersey. And that wasn’t even a keyword we were optimizing for, it just happened to be the perfect description of what we do!

So now I see all these ads touting “how to get long tail keywords”. Most of these are pitches to sell you a secret method. More like to separate you from your money. This blog post could be one of them LOL! The point is, much of NWW’s success is due to what is known as the “long tail keyword” and that could be your success, too.

Who do you want to design your website?


p.s. It gets crazier – Google search “organic serp web design” and see who rules the page! (includes bop35.com and others). That’s serious long tail.

P.P.S. While you’re at it, check out new client Lux Entertainment. They start off as flat screen TV and Home theater installers but also do so much more, like home automation, CCTV surveillance, data networking… the list goes on. This website is a perfect example of how they will rank at the top for many long tail keywords, bringing them the “ready to buy” prospect to their search engine optimized website.