Kings of Organic Local SERP by NWW SEO

More proof that Web Design With SEO in Mind works to get you top organic local SERP with Google, Yahoo, bing, Ask, and all the major search engines.

It’s a proven fact that 92% of online users first use search engines to look for products and services. Amazingly, 75% of those users never scroll past the first page of search results! Also, PEW research has shown that 75% trust the natural, organic search results as opposed to the “pay per click” (ppc) ads. That said, getting found online is no longer optional; it’s critical.

Screen shot  of SERP from for keyphrase  "serp web design los angeles" with at the top 6 places!

nickswebworks dominates SERP for "serp web design Los Angeles"

I have developed a web design strategy I call the “Clean Code Advantage”, a particular web design technique that Google loves and ranks accordingly. No promises. Just proven results. We absolutely RULE for “serp web design los angeles” (Including our sister website web design studio. Click thumbnail to enlarge).



Like the man said “anybody can design a website, but only the one at the top of Google can get you there!”

screen shot of search results page in bing for sell my car valencia shows and in the top spots on page 1

We Are the Kings of Local SERP!

New clients and are all over the front page in bing search results for “sell my car valencia”. Google’s new system tries to find you local results based on what it believes is your location (look to the left sidebar to see where Google believes you are). That way, it tailors your search results to businesses that are local to you, as opposed to thousands of miles away. Coding cities and zip codes into your web design gives your website increased search engine visibility across your local area or region. But as you can tell by the nickswebworks search engines results placement (SERP), the results forĀ  “serp web design” without a location still has us in the number and two spots in organic SERP and that’s worldwide.


What is Organic SERP?

Organic search results (or SERPs) are listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms, as opposed to being advertisements (like ppc ads). In contrast, non-organic search results would include “pay per click” (ppc) advertising. According to the PEW research center, users avoid clicking results they know to be ads. Market research has proven organic search engine results placement (serp) is trusted by over 75% of people who use search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing to get the relevant info they need. The reasons are obvious if you have ever clicked on a ppc ad that was not relevant to your search! Anybody can buy “pay per click” (ppc) ads but “organic” serp will most likely return the info you need to solve a problem, satisfy a desire or both because the content of your website is relevant to the search terms.

The best seo web design attracts the most qualified prospects!

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