Your Domain Name Is Your Property

Own Your Property

So, you are savvy enough to have a website made for your business. Good.

You know a little about SEO, or at least what it means, and you hire a web designer.  Good.

After a year or so of no new business from your website, you have a falling out with your “web dude”, mainly because he/she/it doesn’t know, or doesn’t want to learn, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You know you need SEO and web design together so you google search “seo web design” and find #1 in organic (not paid) SERP (search engine results placement). You contact me to get what me and my clients have, which is top organic SERP for your keywords (and all the new business and increased revenue that comes with).
I say fine. Lets get started! Then I ask for your domain name (url). You say your “web dude” owns it. And now, for some crazy reason, he wants a $1000 or more to sell it back to you, even though it’s your company’s name!

Don’t feel bad, this is a rookie mistake. There are so many issues at play here, but the biggest one is trust. Like a dentist or a good mechanic, you need someone who you can trust to solve your web design problems, not create new ones! So here’s a few points all business people should know when getting a website made for their company:

1) Own Your Domain Name – for so many reasons, the least of which is to avoid the above scenario. You have to think of your domain name (URL) as an asset. Whether you have one domain or many, register them to yourself or your company where  you are the “admin”. The only thing constant about business is change and when things change you need control of your assets.

2) Register your Domain For 5 + Years – this is a trust issue for Google. Domains registered for a year or less seem “fly by night” and, as a general rule, don’t get ranked as high in search results. To keep costs in check, register with a discount domain registrar like GoDaddy. Network Solutions (NetSol) is considered full retail at $35 year, where GoDaddy only charges $15 and with the occasional “sale”, discounts as low as $9, making a multi-year purchase the best cheap insurance you can buy.

3) Keep All Domain Account Info Secure – I’m talking about keeping login data like  username and password to your accounts in a safe, secure and accessible place. That could be on hard copy file, a thumbdrive or some form of backup drive. Nickswebworks will need to be able to access your domain account to do our “magic”. So will any reputable, trustworthy web design contractor.

4) Get Exact Match Domain Name – This is a crucial part of the SEO process. As part of our SEO web design service, we will consult with you about getting the best domain(s) to help you rank high in search results. As long as your content is relevant, an exact match domain name can do wonders for getting you new business.

This situ with domain names seems far to common. Do your colleagues a favor and pass this along any way you wish.

Should you desire a more in depth web design solution, feel free to call or use our contact form and request a free seo web design consultation. You will find success in business, as in life, is in all the little details -and that’s what we do here at You attend to your business and we’ll attend to all the little details of your SEO Web Design to ensure top organic SERP success.