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The Holy Grail of Internet Marketing (IM)

You probably know by now that getting your website ranked at the top of organic SERP is the most cost effective marketing strategy with the best ROI. If you are not in the top 3 of search results for your keywords (not your brand name), then your online competitor is getting your business! How do we remedy that problem? By designing your website with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) built in to get top organic SERP and beat you competitor for clicks.

What Is Organic SERP?

The most important acronym every business owner and marketer needs to know is SERP (Search Engine Results Placement). Organic SERP is natural search results, the websites Google chooses to list for your search query, in order of relevance. It is not paid search results like PPC (Pay Per Click) ads and such. It is common knowledge that #1 SERP gets more clicks than a #3 SERP and exponentially more than even #5 or less. Forget page 2. When was the last time you searched on page 2? For anything?
Your website needs to be in the top 5 or you might as well be invisible! No matter how good it looks, if it doesn’t rank, nobody will see it! Google ranks websites in SERP based on relevance and authority. There are many ways of doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The top two categories are “on-page” SEO (relevance), and “off-page” SEO (authority).

OnPage SEO

On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is hands down the most cost effective technique of all internet marketing, with the best ROI (Return On Investment), hence the “Holy Grail” that all business website owners seek to obtain. Even though the requirements of SEO Web Design are relatively straightforward, the implementation is very detail oriented and requires not only a high level of skill, but also real world experience. SEO is still all about the words and these words have to be carefully selected and weaved into your content (including text and images). This design technique, or “information architecture” goes to “relevance” i.e. how relevant is your website content to the search query. This is the primary strategy employed by Nicks Web Works.

Nobody but Google engineers know how their algorithms work to provide search results, so nobody can guarantee top search results placement. Nicks Web Works however, can guarantee that we implement the latest in market researched design with years of experience ranking customer websites for top organic SERP

OffPage SEO

“Off Page” SEO (Search Engine Optimization) includes all off page factors including (but not limited to) PPC ads, Backlinks, Social Signals and more.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Those of you with any experience with PPC knows how expensive that crap shoot can be. As an example of the benefit of having your on page factors in order, NicksWebWorks ranks in the top 5 for SEO web design and the SERP for that key phrase saves NWW more that $6k month on PPC ads alone.


Backlinks (or links on other websites that link back to yours) pull double duty. The first is establishing “authority”. The links are like “votes” and that was the basis of Google’s initial search algorithm until it got scammed by “black hat” SEOs who gamed the system. You might have heard about Pandas and Penguins- those algorithm updates were designed to weed out the cheaters and bring more relevant results for the searcher. It’s Google’s job to “end your search” and in their best interest to provide the best results, which would include your website with all your information and solutions.
That way they can sell ads which is the bulk of their massive revenue stream.
Backlinks done right can also direct traffic to your website. Hopefully, the links in this post will direct you to more detailed information to answer your questions about “organic SERP” and how it can solve your business problems. That is sending traffic to nickswebworks.com when you click on this link. That is also another important metric Google uses to rank websites in search results, the amunt of traffic that comes to your website (Alexa rank is a good indicator).
Backlink strategies have been known to rank websites with poor on-page factors but the cost of doing so can be 10x or more than designing your website right in the first place.

Social Signals

Social signals include all your social media accounts. How much you implement social media depends on your competition’s strategy. This too is an expensive proposition running into thousands of dollars a month just for local small biz. NWW has been able to rank websites in top organic SERP without all the social media voodoo.

SEO Web Design

For Top Organic SERP

where the money is!

Bottom line: If you want a shot at the lucrative traffic that top organic SERP can provide, you must have all your on-page factors in order. That will determine how much you need to invest in off-page matters. SEO web design by nickswebworks.com has been proven to save thousands in off page costs, get top organic SERP and reduce marketing expenditures for any business, resulting in exponential ROI.

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