Money For Nothing And Clicks For Free

Girl On Top Organic SERP

SEO and the Single Girl

Girl on top organic SERP with SEO web design

and your clicks for free

Yeah, that’s the way you do it
Money for nothin’ and clicks for free
I want my … I want my … I want my S-E-O”

On-page SEO is what gets your website top organic SERP, the Holy Grail of internet marketing. The smart girl (or guy) knows by now that your website needs to be in those highly coveted (and competitive) search results. Market research has proven what you already know – those top 3-5 positions in search results gets over 75% of all the clicks.
That said, most small business sole proprietors (women and men in business for themselves) are aware of the acronyms SEO (search engine optimization) and SERP (search engine results placement – or page*) and what they mean to their bottom line. You might even know of a few “David v Goliath” stories yourself, how a small local business was able to edge out a much a larger national competitor in the SERPs!

How To Get to Those Coveted Top Positions in Organic SERP

And Get the Biggest Bang For Your Web Marketing Buck

There are many ways to get top organic SERP (search engine results placement). Many folks will buy ads on Google Yahoo and bing in a scheme known as Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. A PPC ad campaign like Google Adwords can cost you thousands a month for a small, local business and millions more for a far larger search engine marketing (SEM) effort.

Then there’s all kinds of “off page” SEO to boost traffic and hopefully position in SERP, with #1 being the most coveted (Google search seo web design los angeles and see who’s on top, the screen shot below from today’s SERP check with cleared cache browser)

seo web design serp screen

#1 SERP four years running for “seo web design los angeles”

Getting that top spot involved many things but nothing more critical than solid, high quality seo web design. Any SEO worth his salt will tell you that your on-page factors have to be in place before you can be effective with all the off page SEO, including but not limited to costly link building campaigns, blog posting and forum commenting, social media campaigns and more!

Money For Nothing

Top organic SERP is not available for sale. You can’t buy it, it has to be earned! All zoo animal algo changes aside, the bottom line is “Quality Always Wins”. All the schemes to “trick” Google will only result in getting slapped off the SERPS altogether (which is why you are probably reading this now). A well crafted, clean code design with seo in mind, i.e. built into the code and content, not added on, is the strong foundation for your SEM strategy. A website with all the on-page SEO factors correctly applied can leverage your off page SEO investment exponentially!
Google’s search algorithms are based on two big concepts – relevance and authority.

“Relevance” goes to what’s on the page. SEO is still all about the words and when you get all the right words in all the right places, Google will see your website as being the most relevant to the search query and rank you higher.

“Authority” goes to how many others think you are an expert with the subject at hand and who links to your website. These are called “backlinks”, and Google treats them like votes, the cornerstone of their search engine philosophy. Now, however, the algos have improved to weed out “paid” or “spammy” links to your website, so a backlinking campaign strategy has to be very careful not to get evicted from SERP!


Basically, you can pay a lot of money for backlinks, PPC ads, social media campaigns, etc… or you can build your website with NWW’s Clean Code Advantage and have a shot at top organic SERP for the price for the website alone! With top organic search engine results placement for your keywords, you get your money for nothing!

Clicks For Free

Once your website has “earned” its top position in search results the resultant clicks can save you tens of thousands of dollars a month in PPC costs and other SEM advertising. To show you how, let’s use NWW’s top search position for the keyword “seo web design“. This is also a perfect example of a very long tail keyword, because even though it only gets 400 monthly searches, the keywords in this search query indicate a well qualified prospect. Those 400 clicks are currently getting a bid of $17 per click saving NWW over $6.6k month in PPC costs alone!

Top Organic SERP vs PPC (Pay Per Click)

It is hands downs the most cost effective web marketing on the planet. When your website gets those rankings organically, it’s because Google thinks your website has the best solution to the query (not the best trickster!). The savings in ad spend alone are phenomenal! Not too mention, market research has concluded that organic search results get more trust than paid search results (PPC or Pay Per Click)
Although you would want to use everything at your disposal for a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy, if your website is at the top of organic SERP, why spend money on pay per click?
So when it comes time to make your website or redesign your existing website, make sure to get the Clean Code Advantage of Nickswebworks SEO web design, the modern on page SEO technique that gets you top organic SERP and your clicks for free!

*depending on who you read.