Theres No Place Like Google Places

This Is How It’s Done

SEO in the 21st Century

by Nick Sharpe
founder and big cheese at Nicks Web Works

SEO web design by nickswebworks has proven to get websites top organic SERP (Search Engine Results Placement) mostly with just the web design techniques I have developed.
However there is a way to not only jumpstart the otherwise lengthy process of getting natural, organic top listings in search results, but to also keep you there. I’m talking about what used to be called Google “Places”, now known as Google’s “My Business” listing.

screen shot of Nickswebworks number 1 for seo web design with Google listing prominently displayed on right sidebar

This is how it’s done! Google search “seo web design” in the Los Angeles area. Add “Los Angeles” to the search query if you are not in So Cal – click to enlarge

It’s a part of the Google + social network that Google has been building on for the past couple years. I can tell you this, if you want to rank high in Google search, this is mandatory (no matter what anybody says about it). With Google +, you can build a “fan” base similar to Facebook likes.*
Your customers can show their appreciation by clicking on your Google + icon that NWW puts on your website. If you have a Gmail account open, you are all ready logged in , ready to implement all the free goodies Google has to offer! (that said, if you DO have a Gmail account please go to home page and click on the G+ icon if you haven’t already, or if you have multiple gmail accounts :-).
You can also syndicate your WordPress blog posts automatically to G+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. It really helps with the “authority” side of the SEO equation.

* NWW websites have been able to rank high in organic SERPs the past couple years without a large amount of “social signals” (FB likes, Google +es, etc…). However, it appears that the competition is catching on to the benefits of the “Clean Code Advantage” web design technique developed by Nick Sharpe, so we leave no stone unturned in our quest for top organic SERP.
There’s also the situation with Google map listings taking up the prime screen real estate, knocking top organic SERPs “below the fold“. So now, not only do you have to be on top of organic SERP, you need top be prominent in the map results also. And a real bonus is having the map listing in the right sidebar like NWW currently enjoys. It really helps with the “trust” issue, when Google put your website in a prominent placement in search results.
And that’s important because even being number 1 may not be enough to get the clicks you need to reach your business goals.

That Google map listing does wonders for NWW’s seo web design business (click on image above to see clear example). It can do the same for you! This is a no cost listing service provided by Google, something that you can do yourself.
Or if you would rather have a professional set it up for you, then feel free to contact us for a discount offer to help boost your position in search results.

Bottom line, no matter who does it, it has to be done and the sooner the better.