small things, big change

i know. it’s been awhile. i’ve been neck deep in code and clients here at I’m here to tell you when it comes to “on-page” SEO, it’s a well researched science that, like modern medicine, is still part voodoo. f’rinstance… On the heels of SEO success beyond expectation with a website makeover for (dbc) last April, dbc placed very high Google search results page rank so fellow classic car dealer (and competitor) Chequered Flag Int’l contracted my services/magic to do the same for their 5 year old mega car dealer website. the big difference between dbc and cheqflag is, i built dbc from the ground up with all the on-page SEO tricks built in. The CheqFlag site is a large website from eBizautos, a major dealer web solution. needles to say i couldnt go in and code due to their restrictive policies (access), but i did get them to change a useless flash button marked “sell my car” to a jpg image that i could then code “alt” and “title” attributes i.e. alt=”sell my car”. that li’l change increased their page rank from nowhere near the top 10 PAGES to second page for “sell my car los angeles” search term. so… one li’l thang can make a B-I-G difference. moral of story- you can spend thousands $$ in SEO voodoo or save big $$ with nickswebworks “Clean Code Advantage” system and get the job done RIGHT the first time. til next time n