SERP PR and Other Google Code Words

In the wild world of SEO, it’s important for your business survival to be up on the acronyms that people in the biz use to communicate money making web design strategies. More importantly, how much SEO are you getting for your money? And is the SERP worth the investment? What about domain PR?

Scratching your head right about now? You’re not alone! For the longest time, there have been as many definitions as there were SEO professionals (and web designers like myself who implement the techniques necessary for SEO).

For the most part, there never really was any doubt or argument that SEO meant search engine optimization. But the acronym SERP could’ve meant “search engine results page” or my favorite, “search engine results placement” . And PR had a strange double entendre – it stands for Page Rank, like you would think of SERP, but no. It’s for Larry Page, a co-founder of Google.

Confused? Let’s clear things up, taken straight from the horses mouth, the authority of all authorities, the Google Webmaster Tool page with a link to the SEO Starter Guide. This should end the confusion once and for all:

Related Terms: SERP – Search Engine Rank Position | PageRank (PR) – Named for Google Co-founder, Larry Page. The PR Scale of 0-10 rates a web page. In the past, rank was based on the number of high ranking links pointing to the website. Recently factors like relvance and quality have gained importance. This website’s current PR rating: Google PageRank Checker

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