SEO Web Design Rules Organic SERP!

NicksWebworksWeb Design Clients Rule Page One In Google Search Results

Once again, here’s living proof that seo web design gets the results you need to realize your business goals. This proof comes in the form of a screen shot of Google search results for the search term (keyword) “sell my car los angeles”. I do these little “SERP checks” from time to time to see how my web design technique fares against the online competition for myself and my web design customers.
In this case, it was a search for my “car guys”, auto dealers and used car dealers that need to buy cars from the public for their inventory. They need cars to sell to stay in business. The benefit of being on page one of Google (and Yahoo) search results saves them tens of thousands of dollars in adverting costs every month. That breathing room allows them to pay more for your used car than a large dealership with high overhead and advertising costs. It’s kind of a “David v. Goliath” story, really.
NicksWebWorks can’t guarantee top organic SERP. Nobody can. Not even the high and mighty at Google know their search algorithms for sure. If anybody “guarantees” you top organic SERP, head for the hills. That is truly a ripoff.

The Clean Code Advantage

That’s why it’s best to demonstrate proof. And the proof is in the pudding (as they say). What we do guarantee is that you get a website design with all the latest technique not only in visual design trends, but also market researched layout and graphics all built on top of clean html5 and CSS3 code – what we call the “Clean Code Advantage”. Not only do you get found, but you get searchers to click on your offer (or, in marketing speak, your Value Proposition). At Nickswebworks, we pride ourselves on making websites that look good, rank high and convert

That’s what Google wants, at a minimum!
And because Google is a fickle mistress, you have to give her everything that she wants and only hope to gain her favour (in search results). You won’t get top organic SERP with a $499 website. I can guarantee that!

Only 6 Spots Remain

screen shot of Nickswebworks' clients at top of Google search results

Proof that NWW’s Clean Code Advantage delivers! Search “sell my car Los Angeles”

See attached screen shot and find 4 of the 10 available spots on the first page of organic SERP (not counting Google map listings) are filled with NWW seo web design customers for the search term “sell my car los angeles” (try it yourself). Some have been with me from the beginning, like Dennis Buys Cars and, with newer customers, and even the big boys from Aaerowsweet in Anaheim,, a “new” website, posted only a few months ago! (the exact match domain name didn’t hurt!). Even Venice Cash For Cars, a copycat website that “borrowed” NWW seo technique (not the visual design!)

Top Organic SERP

The Holy Grail Of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

That’s how it’s done in the 21st century. Think about it… every time you need or want something, you search on Google right? So it only makes sense that your website gets found by the folks looking for what you have to offer. Get a free web design consultation today from  NicksWebsWorks. Find out how the “Clean Code Advantage” is seo web design at it’s finest