SEO web Design Gets 10k Page Views for

Update: Now Page 1 in Organic SERP!

New SEO webdesign client launched mid November 2013 and is already page 1 in the organic SERPs for “mini pig for sale”.

Paris Hilton cuddling her mini pig

Paris and her Mini Pig set fashion trend

Those in the know (or read People Magazine) will tell you that mini pigs have been the hottest rage for pets over the past 5 or so years, since Paris Hilton famously showed off her mini pig. The competition for those keywords in online search is triple fierce!!!
Even‘s current page 1 #5 ranking in the organic SERPs (Search Engine Results Placement) gets almost 10,000 unique visitors a month with a record low 22% bounce rate (see Google analytics screen shot below). Now that’s the Clean Code Advantage© at work!
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Follow along. Here’s a prediction for 2014: will get to page one for “mini pigs” sometime by Easter, if not sooner. It’s page one now, after only one month of going live. Woo Hoo!
But don’t take my word for it- here’s what owner Chris Miedle had to say:

The amount of inquiries is out of control. I have 5 more piglets going up tomorrow… You are a wizard sir!

And ppc? I assume you are talking about [Pay Per Click] advertising with Google? If so, I ran an ad for several months that had no success (and I had high rankings) Hiring you was after the failed [ppc] ad campaign (much better decision!).

Let me know the next business you design for because I want to invest!

Seriously though, all quips aside, I really thank you… You saved my business. Again, all quotable :-D”

Stay tuned!

Updated Google Analytics shows almost 10k Unique visits in one Month!

Google Analytics for PAMnipigs screen shot showing almost 10k unique visits

Nickswebworks Clean Code Advantage gets almost 10k Unique visitors from organic SERP

Screen shot of Google analyitcis for

Record Low Bounce Rate for NWW SEO web design