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It takes more than just a pretty face to be number one in organic search results.
What that means is, even if your website looks¬†professional and nice, if it doesn’t have the “on page” SEO factors built into the web design code, chances are good that the Google won’t rank your website at or near the top of organic search results and nobody will see it when they search for the goods and services that you offer.
The alternative is to spend a lot of money on “paid” search results, known as PPC (pay per click) advertising.
Sometimes it works fine but it has been proven many times over that SEO web design is the most cost effective advertising you can invest in – the ROI is phenomenal! The website alone can pay for itself in increased revenue within a few months and everything after that is gravy.

But don’t take my¬† word for it- here’s what Dennis Goddard of Dennis Buys Cars has to say about the performance of Nickswebworks’ “Clean Code Advantage” versus PPC:

Instead of paying thousands of dollars a month in PPC ads, Dennis’ cash for cars website generates all the business from organic search engine results placement or SERP.
With a NWW website and the free no cost marketing consultation that goes with it, ranks at or near the top of organic SERP for many long tail keywords that brings in twice the traffic of his biggest competitor.

Case in point, another NWW client, ranks #1 for “cash for cars” (in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, #2 or #3 globally) and is also at or near the the top for many other key phrases. ranks #5 for the same keyword but gets over 2 times the traffic.
Why? Because he also benefits from NWW web marketing strategies that have proven to be the most cost effective advertising on the planet. These strategies and techniques, including regular blog posts (like this one) combined with his NWW designed and maintained website, brings almost 4 thousand sessions a month, a low bounce rate and long time on site (Google loves that!) with inquiries from all over the globe.
Not bad for a local small business, eh?

You can spend thousands on a Pay Per Click strategy or you can invest far less in a properly designed website from the start. Which makes more economic sense?
But don’t just take my word for it, see what NWW SEO webdesign customers have to say about their failed marketing strategies and how their business was resurrected with a new NWW website on our Case Studies page.
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and for your reading pleasure, below is the transcript of Dennis testimonial video:

Dennis Testimonial July 3 2015

a couple years ago what I did was paying “pay per click”, I was using Google ad words and you know what?
It’s very expensive, it’s very mysterious, you never know what you’re getting and its completely untrackable so if you even call the people at Google and you say “hey! what are my keywords that are working? what ads are working best? what geographical area are pulling the best”, they cant, either can’t tell you or won’t tell you.

Now right about the same time, I started using NicksWebWorks’ “Clean Code” strategy and what he did was he completely redesigned my website. He made my [html] code such that any traffic came directly to my site instead of my competitors.

As a result I have now eliminated Google Ad Words and my calls are coming in strictly because of organic search which is directly a result of my relationship with Nicks Web Works.
He has tweaked my website to the point where I’ m getting calls from all over the world.

Now take a look at this car here (points to 1960 Ford Thunderbird)
This is a 1960 Thunderbird. I bought this… this came from Oregon and this
is a result of somebody that did a search, they typed in “who buys classic
cars” so therfore, this car came to me, it’s just one of many…
I get classic cars, I get late models, Toyotas, Hondas… you name it!

But the point is this, if you want your phone to ring, and I mean this only
because, it truly, truly has been successful and I’m not saying this because I’m
being paid to say this, call Nickswebworks if you have a website and
you want action, if you want your phone to ring, if you want to make money.
call Nick he’s the man!
-Dennis Goddard of

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