SEO – The More Things Change

SEO Web Design for 2017

seo web design… The more they remain the same when it comes to SEO web design. Since 2009, NicksWebWorks has been building websites for local small business, using our Clean Code Advantage technique, which has proven to get top organic SERP, where the money is.

In other words, we design websites that look good, rank high and convert. The ROI is exponential! An investment of $3-10k can bring net revenues 10x that in your first year, but usually much, much more over the life time of the website (usually 3-5 years before a total rebuild is in order).

Clean Code Advantage

The thing with SEO web design is that it’s part science, part art and all voodoo! Websites by NWW are handcrafted in the USA by SEO web designer Nick Sharpe, using a time tested formula that starts with the “clean code” that Google loves. Then leaner your text to html ratio, the easier it is for Google bots to read your page and get an idea of what it is you offer. That usually results lighter page weight and that translates into top organic SERP (Search Engine Results Placement).

The NWW guarantee is that your website will be designed with the latest best practices and to high standards with a web design technique that has proven to get top organic SERP in any market niche. Whether you are a dentist, a mini pig farmer or a used car sales organization, you get the same high quality web design.

What we don’t (and can’t) guarantee is your placement in SERP- nobody can do that. If you do get a guarantee of certain SERP position, run for the hills! Even Google engineers aren’t sure exactly, and nobody has an inside line to Google’s top secret algorithm and process, no matter what you read in the SEM press, so BEWARE!

The best part is, your web designer is the SEO guy, so no disagreements or infighting between the web design team and the SEO squad. Your webdesign is “holistic” in that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Remove one aspect of our web design technique, then you will be like all the rest who don’t show up high enough in organic search results to realize a return on their investment.

Also, there is no outsourcing. If anything goes wrong with your website, the buck stops here!

Google Algorithm Changes

It’s important to know that Google is constantly improving its search engine. The goal is to provide the most relevant and useful web page for the search query. Google does not want searchers going off to another search engine and reading their adverts! So your web design becomes mission critical. We have stories of businesses that tried to copy NWW web design techniques, but they neglected to reverse engineer the important aspects of the web design or didn’t recognize them. As a result, they are still nowhere in the SERPs.

Every day there is some article or blog posts heralding changes to how Google parses search results. That means, understanding how Google wants to improve upon an excellent search engine, every SEO and well informed web designer/developer has their own opinion of what works, while trying to discern what has changed.

What we have found at NicksWebWorks is that the basics of SEO web design are still important. The more things change, etc…

SEO Web Design Basics


What hasn’t changed, especially for content marketing via website, is that you need to speak to your audience in plain English. That way, your market niche keywords will naturally be where they are suppose to be in your content. The mighty Google search engine prefers that to carefully crafted and clever KW (keyword) placement. Sometimes it’s best not to use the exact keywords at all, but plenty of synonyms, for what is called Latent Semantic Indexing, or LSI. Should you try to get fancy with “keyword stuffing”, you’ll be looking at stiff penalties by Google. That can knock your website totally out of the SERPs, or so far down, it wont matter because over 75% of searchers click on the top 3 organic search results.

Clean HTML/CSS Code

NWW’s Clean Code Advantage vs Google’s AMP

To get a shot at the valuable and coveted top organic SERP, your web design should include NWW’s info architecture. Our “Secret Sauce” is clean html and css, using the latest techniques. That is necessary for many reasons, the most important being page load speed. Page load is a big metric for Google’s search algorithm. The faster your page loads, the higher the SERP. It’s that simple.
But some folks want their website to do handstands and back flips – that requires tons of javascript (.js) and php code which add mightily to page weight and by extension, page load times. All those technologies is what makes Word Press applications work. That’s why Google instituted the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) protocol which basically mimics the NWW web design technique. NWW web pages use little to no .js or .php. That’s what the AMP protocol strips out, even the css style pages, so an AMP page will look like a “text only” (no style) page.

Nickswebworks SEO Web Design Gets Top Organic SERP

Where the Money Is!

Is your website not performing how you’d like? Then review these basic tips and watch the leads come in! What has been described in this article is the “part art, part science” portion of the equation. For the “all Voodoo” part, contact us today to get the “Clean Code Advantage” web design and leave your competition in the dust!