SEO as a Technical Specification

What You need to Know About SEO

Or Know What You Are Paying For

SEO starter guide cover

How it’s done… in Plain English

SEO web design gets top organic SERP, where the money is. The astute businessperson knows that and invests time, money and resources accordingly. But what, exactly, is SEO and why do you need to know about it?
If you are a business man you need to be knowledgeable when hiring SEO services (including web design).
If you are a web designer, you need to incorporate these basic specifications into your design jobs if you want to stay in business.

What Is SEO?

And How Do I Get It?

The best way to Google’s heart is knowing exactly what the largest, most used search engine really wants from your business website in order to rank you high in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page or Placement- I prefer the latter) so you can grow your business. And the best part is, Google tells you exactly how it’s done with it’s SEO Starter Guide. This pdf will give you the absolute basics your website has to have in order to have a fighting chance in the SERPs.

SEO Basics

The Top Ten SEO Specifications

SEO has become almost a technical specification. That means your website has to built according to these 10 specifications (at an absolute minimum)

  1. Unique Page Titles
  2. Unique Meta Description
  3. Proper use of Headings (“headlines”)
  4. Domain name and URL structure
  5. Navigation- clear and easy for people and searchbots
  6. Optimize content- creative writing at its most precise
  7. Robots.txt (if you need it. maybe not.)
  8. sitemap.xml
  9. TELL THE WORLD- Notify Google and promote your website properly
  10. Use FREE Google webmaster tools

Because it takes more than just a pretty face to be number in search engine results pages. Pretty graphics and compelling calls to action are useless if they are not found by people using search engines to locate and buy what you have to offer.  All those details listed above are just the basics. To really give your website a fighting chance in the SERPs requires not only great visual design techniques, but also technical skills, experience and intuition.

Part Art. Part Science. All Voodoo.

Yes, anybody can make a website, but only the web designer at the top of SERP can get you there.  It’s good that you may try to make an effort to build your own website, either for financial considerations or you’re just a DIY kind of person.  After all, who knows your business better than you? But designing your mission critical business website is like “Do It YOURSELF Brain Surgery”- yes, you could probably do it, but why take the chance?

By reading the SEO Starter Guide, you will be better informed on how to invest your search engine marketing (SEM) dollars, to get the biggest bang for your SEM buck. At nickswebworks, our best customers are the well informed persons who understand the incredible value of a nickswebworks web design, with SEO built in from the ground up.

After you’ve read the guide, feel free to call or email for your free, no obligation webdesign consultation. No one can guarantee top organic SERP but NWW has a track record of success with our SEO web design technique that could  help you meet your business goals.