SEO, Organic SERP and Bogus 5 Star Reviews

“I’ll be your best frie-e-end!”

Ever hear that one before? That childhood pledge of loyal companionship in return for whatever it is you have that the pledger wants? Like that new toy you just got?
Or a glowing 5 star review for your website or business?

Now that Google and other search engines are factoring in social media metrics to determine your website’s page rank in search results (SERP), how much of that data can be reliable and how much is so much hooey? And, what kind of algorithm can divine between the genuine and the fugazi?
And, if you are shopping on the web, how would YOU know between a $5 Yelp and the real deal? hmmmm….???

This is where honest SERP (Search Engine Results Placement) comes in play. Proper “white-hat” SEO is basically relevant content, i.e. detailed and accurate descriptions of what you have to offer, starting with your “value proposition”. The more of this, the better chances you have of showing up top in the SERP. This and real authority in the form of legitimate backlinks to your website from hi reputation sites in your area of expertise.

Bottom line, the top 5 ORGANIC search results will most likely return the best solution to whatever it is you are searching for. Positive Yelps and millions of Facebook friends are still useful, but getting to the top of organic SERP should be your goal in promoting your goods or services on the web.

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See you at the top!