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How Much Does SEO Cost? | SEO Pricing (Problems) Explained!

“Why can’t you just give me a straight answer?” Johanna’s voice showed a trace of irritation.  “All I’m asking is how much you charge for SEO services!” I smiled. This was familiar terrain. As an SEO consultant, almost every client asks me a similar question. My answer is always the same. “It depends. On many things.

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Chrome Won’t Get You Home!

The old Harley riders would look at the new guy’s shiney motorcycle and wonder why he spent a lot of money on chrome but invested nothing in the motor or transmission! Sure enough, the bike breaks down out in the desert, far from anywhere and that’s when he learned “Chrome Won’t Get You Home!”. Yes,

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she’s bad…

… she’s nationwide! Q) How do you take a small local biz and get nationwide (maybe even global) exposure? Without appearing naked on TV or blowing something up? A) Have your business website built from the ground up with NicksWebWorks “Clean Code Advantage” on-page SEO web design for improved Google search engine results placement SERP.

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ppc is temporary – seo is forever!

Nicks Web Works SEO web design gets you to the top of Google search and the Clean Code Advantage keeps you there. Since last summer, DennisBuysCars.com and Chequered Flag are STILL at the top of Google search for their market niche. Not just page 1, but 4 of the TOP 5 ORGANIC SRP (search results

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Feel Lucky with NicksWebworks Clean Code Advantage!

Feelin’ Lucky, Punk? You would if your website was designed with SEO in mind! New client “A Positive Change” sober living home – transitional recovery residence website appears when you Google search “transitional recovery residence los angeles” and hit “I’m Feeling Lucky”. That’s NicksWebworks.com “Clean Code Advantage” at work, after only 1 week! When it

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NWW welcomes A Positive Change new client!

Here’s an email from new client A Positive Change Sober Living that pretty much illustrates the problem NicksWebWorks.com aims to solve with NWW’s “Clean Code Advantage”. On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 12:51 PM, dsiltanen@yahoo.com wrote: I know this has nothing to do with you, but I went through 16pages of google and not 1,hit

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