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SERP and the “Long Tail” keyword – ignore at your own peril!

Search engine marketing has taken center stage and SERP web design is critical to every marketing effort, whether your business is Fortune 500 or sole proprietor. That said, there’s been an extreme focus on “SEO“, search engine optimization, which means getting your website to #1 in search engine results placement or SERP for Google, Yahoo,

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What Is SERP? Defining an Acronym and the Value of Longtail Keywords

So here I go, tootin’ my own horn on Facebook about how my seo web design techniques get top organic serp. Sure enough, one of my friends asks “what’s organic serp?”. Goes like this: (friend) Yo! what does “organic serp” mean? Wednesday at 9:44pm ยท Like Nick Sharpe: I’m glad u asked! organic “serp” (search

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Keyword VooDoo for SEO and SERP

Today’s discussion is from an email exchange with a client, as I help with SEO web design for his travel site In The Know Traveler (ITK). ITK has relatively high Alexa (considering), but needs to rank higher in search for basic terms, like “travel photo”, “travel pictures” or “hotel reviews”. One look at his home

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Organic SERP and WordPress in the Summertime

I love the smell of Organic SERP in the summertime… smells like… VICTORY! While most of you are enjoying a warm summer camp out at Yosemite or a day at the beach at Hilton Head, there are a few of you taking time in this “slow” biz period to improve your website’s Google placement in

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Organic SERP Web Design – NicksWebWorks gets top 4 in Yahoo AND Google search!

Top organic SERP (search engine results placement) is the holy grail of search engine marketing. Who do you want to design your website? Like the man says, “Anybody can design a website, but it takes the web designer at the top of organic search results to get you there!” Because everybody’s doing it… finding what

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