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Investing in SEO? What you need to know NOW

When selecting an SEO provider, you’ll find there are a lot of them, but not all offer the same services – or results. Look for an expert, ideally someone with experience in your industry. And don’t expect immediate results. SEO is a process that builds upon itself and can take time to show value. If

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SEO + SERP = Sitelinks for NicksWebWorks

Nickswebworks seo web design strategy not only gets top ranking in Google search for “serp web design“, but also now has “Sitelinks”. This IS the holy grail of search engine marketing! Sitelinks are considered an automatic indicator of the “trust” factor. Google’s algorithm will only pick up sites that are well established, trusted sources of

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Keyword VooDoo for SEO and SERP

Today’s discussion is from an email exchange with a client, as I help with SEO web design for his travel site In The Know Traveler (ITK). ITK has relatively high Alexa (considering), but needs to rank higher in search for basic terms, like “travel photo”, “travel pictures” or “hotel reviews”. One look at his home

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SEO 101 – The Power of Proper Link Anchor Text

SEO web design tips and techniques for high SERP First published in May ’11, this has been updated with info from the source… Google Hi In this first installment of Nick’s OJT (“On the Job Training”), I will briefly explain what I’ve learned and share with you. One of my latest jobs was to make

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Lucky Stiffs page 1 Google SERP for 12 Years!

Do you want to improve your websites Google placement in SERPs? or do you want a new web site site that ranks at the top for your keywords? Here’s a little history from NicksWebWorks: Being #1 one in Google search engine results placement (SERP) is the holy grail for small business because high SERPs can

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I LOVE IT! What I’ve been able to do for my clients in my first year of seo web design business has been elusive to NicksWebWorks. I’m thinking car dealerships and beauty salons aren’t all that sophisticated in the voodoo of search engine marketing (sem). Since turning pro a little over a year ago, all

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