Rounded Corners and IE9 – ’bout time

Hallelujah! Internet Explorer 9 does “rounded corners”!
“What?!” you say? The strangely psychological effect certain web design elements, like rounded corners on borders in web pages, have on viewers is undeniable. To get that desirable “look”, it required a ham-fisted technique of slicing images all over the page. But css (Cascading Style Sheets) has had a more elegant code solution. That’s great if your browsing with Firefox, Chrome and Safari or other standards compliant browsers but not with Microsoft’s IE.
As usual, the once “innovative” (or first to “nick” then profit from it) Microsoft is really late to the party with their latest Internet Explorer version 9. Much has been said about MS “borrowing” technologies, but, geez louise, IE 9 opens like Chrome!
At least now it does “rounded corners” in css so maybe there’s other standards compliant code in the new browser. Either way, it’s time to upgrade if you haven’t already. And tell your friends and family.
Please. If yer gonna browse with MSIE, at least get the latest IE 9. It’s free.
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