Proven SEO for Google web design techniques

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ), as much as this is rooted in science, there’s plenty of voodoo involved!
To get my clients websites high SRP (Search Results Placement or “page rank”) i pretty much throw the kitchen sink at ’em.
Google Webmaster Tools has an SEO starter Guide that tells you what works best with google (and most othe) search engines. Ive seen every one of my techniques in search results. thats said, i really couldn’t tell EXACTLY what works, so i recommend everything!
Sometimes one change will do it, sometimes you need the whole kitchen sink!
But when ot works, it sure feels good.
and the attached pic feels REAL good! (click to enlarge)

top page rank for nickswebworks Google "srp seo" from August 16 2010

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