ppc is temporary. seo is forever!

Leverage your backlink strategy with strong “on-page” seo by nickswebworks.com. Give a turbo boost to your promotions like FB, Yelp, G+ and Pinterest.  “Pay Per Click” or PPC ads show at the top and right of search results and can be part of your SEM strategy. However, PEW research has shown the ORGANIC (not paid) search results get over 75% of the clicks. How many times have your clicked on ppc ads that did not point to what you were looking for?

Take a look at this from Sept 20, 2010

Google screen shot of DennisBuys Cars and Chequered Flag Sep 2010

NWW clients get top organic serp


The whole idea is to get top organic SERP. That’s the holy grail of search engine marketing. Any SEO worth his salt will tell you to start with strongon-page” seo. That means coding html with the Clean Code Advantage, the kind of html Google loves. Then you do layout, color and design at the same time. Its all holistic!

screen shot of dennisbuycars.com and chequered flag.com at the top of google search March 21-2012

SEO is FOREVER! Nickwebworks clients enjoy top organic SERP almost 2 years later



Great SEO web design cost way less than pay per click ads over the long run. The next screen shot shows dennisbuyscars.com and chequeredflag.com in about the same position, or better (from #2 to #1 is def better!) a year and a half later? how much did those ppc ads cost in the same period? You could potentially reduce your ad buy substantially by making sure your web site is designed with seo in mind.


Cheap web design costs way more than you paid for it in low to no serp and lost business. Not to mention paying an SEO your hard earned cash to go in and CLEAN IT UP to make it right.

It pays to do it right the first time

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