Organic SERP and WordPress in the Summertime

I love the smell of Organic SERP in the summertime… smells like… VICTORY! While most of you are enjoying a warm summer camp out at Yosemite or a day at the beach at Hilton Head, there are a few of you taking time in this “slow” biz period to improve your website’s Google placement in the SERPs. I just got off the phone with a new client who is definitely taking advantage of reduced summer rates here at Nicks Web Works seo web design. Our success in getting web design clients top search engine placement is a testament to our proven “white hat” on-page SEO techniques that we lovingly call the “Clean Code Advantage“.

This SEO web design technique is based on semantic html and css, a cleaner code style that can replace flash and bloated javascripts to make your content more accessible to the search bots. Basically, its the kind of code candy Google loves! That, and relevant content with all the necessary tagwork, gives your biz website the “Clean Code Advantage” getting you first place in the organic SERPs leaving your competition in the dust!

The beauty of properly done “on-page” SEO is that it can give your small to medium business website a search engine ranking advantage over your local competition, usually without the benefits of domain age, jillions of backlinks or tons of content. Sometimes something as simple as anchor text change can make a big difference, but mostly it’s the attention to all the little details that gets the job done. Any internet marketer worth his salt will tell you to get your on-page SEO house in order before implementing ppc (pay per click) keyword voodoo and backlink strategies in your quest for top organic SERP.

Read about our SEO web design success stories then contact us for FREE web design consultation, for your existing web site or, better yet, a brand new web site designed with SEO in mind for the Clean Code advantage that gets you “pole position” in Organic SERP.