Organic SERP – Where the Money Is

If you are in any kind of business, SERP is one acronym you really need to know! It means search engine results placement, that is, where your website shows up in search results. Are you at the top? Or the bottom? Or nowhere at all? And is it organic, natural search results that Google deems the best answer to your search query as opposed to PPC (pay per click or “paid search” results)? If you want your business, whether it’s  professional, service, show or otherwise to thrive in the 21st century, then your website needs to be at top of organic SERP because that’s where the money is!

The proof has finally come home to (aka Aside from referrals by satisfied web design clients, there’s always been some jobs that came from really “long tail” keywords in search like “organic serp web design” (Google that and see who’s tops!). For the past year, NWW has been tops for “seo web design” and that has paid off in steady incoming web design business. That took awhile because the competition is super fierce, but most of my clients websites rank at the top for their keywords within days of going live!

You also may notice it’s been a while since you’ve seen a blog post here. You can guess why 🙂 Just had to take a minute to let you know the NWW’s “Clean Code Advantage” is a proven webdesign system and available for you and your business now. Take a good look at website and follow the links on the home page to the inner pages to get an idea all that is involved to get to the top.

Like the man said, “anybody can make a website, but only the web designer at the top of organic SERP can get you there”.


Nick Sharpe