NWW welcomes A Positive Change new client!

Here’s an email from new client A Positive Change Sober Living that pretty much illustrates the problem NicksWebWorks.com aims to solve with NWW’s “Clean Code Advantage”.

On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 12:51 PM, dsiltanen@yahoo.com wrote:

I know this has nothing to do with you, but I went through 16pages of google and not 1,hit for us. Houses that have been out of biz for years are still ranked? WTF why did I never come up?

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Hi Dave
thats why you hired me.
when M7 designed the site, all he did was the visuals and plug in some content (text, ad copy). most of your main page text bits are images (the flash slideshow looks pretty but is unreadable to google) rendering your site invisible to the search bots
you had NO:
1) unique, descriptive page titles
2) unique description meta tags (important!)
2) keyword meta tags (!!)
3) alt image tags
4) bloated code base
5) no site map
6) headlines on page
7) title tags for anchors (links) list items, etc…
8) google friendly content

and it goes on and on…

this is the kind of stuff CHEAP web designers leave out because its a lot of WORK that the client cant see.
Thats also why i like to build websites from the ground up – you know, DO IT RIGHT the first time!
Im wrestling with WordPress (WP) – its like trying to build a house with Lego blocks.
My brand of “on-page” SEO is very code intensive and is the solid foundation from which to build your Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy. WP is NOT for coders!
even after we get this done, and get you up in the google search rankings, there’s still more to do.
we’ll address those things (like link building, etc) later.

I did page titles, meta tags and submitted a site map yesterday. site map tells google where pages are. give it a few days or weeks to show up in the first 5 pages of search results, then a month or so to make front page. im trying to knock pickfordlofts out of their “lofty” spot.
thats what i do.
sort of a Dave vs Goliath thing

keep the faith


ps as i do the SEO work, im also rebuiding the site to make it super google freindly.
its not just WHAT you do, but HOW you do it

pps i’m gonna keep this email for my website testimonial page and post AFTER we get TOP GOOGLE ranking 🙂

nick sharpe
music and web design