NWW Web Design Gets PR3 for New Websites

New Website LuxEntertainment.com is PR 3

screen shot of lux-entertainment.com homepage header of couple on couch watching wall mount flat screnn TV

“one call gets your TV on the wall 310-490-4073”

A brand new website that gets PR 3 within a few months of launch means Google trusts this website. That will help in securing your spot at the top of Google search when we get there!

PR is “page rank”, named for Google co-founder Larry Page. It has nothing to do with search results placement (SRP), but a lot to do about how much Google trusts the website to be real. The scale goes from PR 0 to PR 10 with sites like Google, Amazon, certain Facebook pages and the New York Times at PR9. 90% of websites have no PR at all and many with aged domain names (over 7 years) are barely PR 1, if at all.
The Nickswebworks.com website is currently PR3. That took a couple years to get there, but now Nick Sharpe (me) is a recognized authority with Google (albeit a small one, but an authority none the less). Having my code technique and design seems to confer good PR out of the box for a new webdesign, the kind of PR that takes most sites years to earn.

This PR 3 grade will help ensure a top spot in the SERPs for Lux Entertainment and help bring in new business over the coming years. That’s another benefit of NicksWebWorks’ “Clean Code Advantage”.
Spread the word 🙂