NicksWebWorks does SEO for The Protein Factory

For all of you that take protein powder supplements, here’s a Nick Sharpe 5 Star recommendation – A few weeks ago, was retained by the Protein Factory to do SEO web design for their satellite websites (like

With SEO (search engine optimization), it’s all about the words.

The Protein Factory makes the worlds highest quality protein logo

The Protein Factory makes the worlds highest quality protein, pure, original and unmatched

That means I get to read all about The Protein Factory, what they make and how they make it so I can write SEO content. What an edjamucation! All I can say is this – if you do any kind of protein supplements at all, from general health to competition body builder, then check out the protein factory’s EZ Lab app (on their home page) to custom mix your own blend of the world’s highest quality whey proteins, carbs and fats for your body type and goals.

Fantastic stuff. Even I’m going to try some!

Also, we just completed The idea was to make a small website for that url which will drive traffic to The Protein Factory main site. Lets watch for it in the SERPs (search engine results placement) for “protein and whey”.
Stay tooned,

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