New Year New Schema and Your Organic SERP

Happy New Year!
In the quest for top organic SERP (Search Engine Results Placement) for your website, a new “schema” has been added to the mix. Introduced last June (2011) by all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, is a more uniform way of describing exactly what it is that is on your page, be it text, picture (image), movie, etc., ostensibly to make it more effective for search engines to find you. In the context of the latest HTML5 code standards, and implications for on page SEO, its very cool.
What that seems to boil down to is this – more code, more work and maybe more $$$ for a web designer? Probably not. What used to be a lucrative process for any web designer skilled in Flash, WordPress, Dreamweaver and all that to knock out a website in their sleep for big wads of cash has now been turned on its head.
iPhones and iPads don’t do “Flash”. That means your Flash website needs to be upgraded to HTML5 AND coded for the popular Apple devices. Market research proves that handhelds (including Android and others) account for a rapidly increasing percentage of eCommerce, so this has to be done, especially for SEO web design. And that is a lot of SEO code work!
Now, on top of all that, throw in and it’s time to get an ergonomic keyboard LOL! It’s extra work in the beginning, but so worth it in the long run. Proven SEO code techniques result in more page views, more click throughs and more selling opportunities than a website that doesn’t have the “Clean Code Advantage”
The bottom line for you, the business owner, is to make sure whoever is designing (or redesigning) your business website for top organic SERP is implementing the latest in code standards which includes html5, css3 and now,
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