Mobilegeddon: No Mobile Website No SERP

Mobile Responsive Websites Are Not an Option

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Nothing gets the attention of web marketers more than an impending Google search algo update. The latest is, “Mobile or Die”.
Do a Google search for “mobile deadline for Google” and watch the four horseman gallop across your screen!

Should you panic?
(I get this question a lot)
The short answer is – not really.
But you should definitely apply common sense to your web marketing strategy. How can anybody now not have a mobile responsive website? With all the data that’s been available the past few years, quite simply, if your web site is more than a couple years old, it’s probably not optimized for mobile.

Mobile Responsive Web Design For Top Organic SERP

Nickswebworks has been making mobile responsive websites for our clients since 3Q 2012. If you are a NWW client with a 2013 or newer website, then mobile won’t be an issue. Older code structures, however, can still affect your SERP, and that is a story for another time (feel free to call and ask).

So don’t panic, especially if you received an email from Google WMT (Web Master Tools) [Now Search Console- Ed.] that your website is NOT optimized for mobile devices, including phones and tablets.
Its just a matter of completely updating your code base to what Google obviously prefers. That’s been the NWW strategy all along, so nothing new here.

Mobile SERP

There’s the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. The problem with that is, the web constantly evolves and your website has to be at the forefront of technology and information architecture even if it looks fine and your SERP position hasn’t dropped too much. It’s quite possible that if you don’t have the latest tech, which INCLUDES mobile responsive design, then you could get left behind in the organic mobile serps and all that money lost.

Are  You Mobile Ready?

The easy way to check is grab a cell phone or tablet and look at your website. If it changes layout and becomes easier to read and interface with, then you are probably mobile ready and in the clear. On the other hand,  If your links and text look really small then your website definitely needs to be updated with mobile responsive code and content. Also make sure that all your informative text, headlines and CTAs are visible (readable) in the “viewport”.  On-page SEO is still all about the words!

If You Are Not Sure…

Feel free to call or email for a no charge consultation regarding your current website health. Its always good to make sure your all important website is the best it can be.
Your business bottom line depends on it.