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Backlink Mania and Organic SERP

In the big world of SEO web design, voodoo still reigns. For the past couple years, we had success getting my clients’ websites ranking at the top of search results for their keywords by implementing semantic html and all the required “on page” factors, or what I call the Clean Code Advantage. That is a

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Keyword VooDoo for SEO and SERP

Today’s discussion is from an email exchange with a client, as I help with SEO web design for his travel site In The Know Traveler (ITK). ITK has relatively high Alexa (considering), but needs to rank higher in search for basic terms, like “travel photo”, “travel pictures” or “hotel reviews”. One look at his home

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Organic SERP and WordPress in the Summertime

I love the smell of Organic SERP in the summertime… smells like… VICTORY! While most of you are enjoying a warm summer camp out at Yosemite or a day at the beach at Hilton Head, there are a few of you taking time in this “slow” biz period to improve your website’s Google placement in

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SEO 101 – The Power of Proper Link Anchor Text

SEO web design tips and techniques for high SERP First published in May ’11, this has been updated with info from the source… Google Hi In this first installment of Nick’s OJT (“On the Job Training”), I will briefly explain what I’ve learned and share with you. One of my latest jobs was to make

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