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Long Live the King of Local SERP

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Top organic local SERP (search engine results placement) in Google is still the holy grail of 21st century marketing. Every small to medium business that serves their local community needs to be at the top of SERP for that locality if they want their business to thrive. The astute businessman (or woman) knows this and plans their web marketing strategy accordingly. That strategy has at it’s core seo web design.

What is SEO Web Design?

SEO web design, quite simply, is web pages designed to be search engine friendly, that is search engine optimized (SEO). NicksWebWorks websites are designed with SEO in mind. Your finished website design is informed by many factors but the main ones are:
1) data from competitive research (the websites at the top of SERP for your keywords are studied reverse engineered and analyzed)

2) Clean html and CSS code, handwritten by the SEO webmaster himself, Nick Sharpe

3) Relevant content (words, pictures, videos, etc…) that satisfies the searcher’s query, that is, content that satisfactorily answers your prospect’s buying questions.

SEO Web design is the strong foundation that any viable search engine marketing strategy is built upon.
NicksWebworks have a proven track record of ranking local small business in top local SERP.