Keyword VooDoo for SEO and SERP

Today’s discussion is from an email exchange with a client, as I help with SEO web design for his travel site In The Know Traveler (ITK). ITK has relatively high Alexa (considering), but needs to rank higher in search for basic terms, like “travel photo”, “travel pictures” or “hotel reviews”. One look at his home page and any GOOD seo web designer can see what’s holding him back from getting top organic serp for his market niche.

What follows is strictly the basics of SEO web design. On-page SEO gets even more arcane and esoteric the deeper you go, but this is good for a start and has placed my clients websites in high organic serp without a jillion backlinks or an old, established domain name.

If you are just starting to get into your own SEO, then read below for a jumpstart. If you’ve been beating at this for a while and have a few proven techniques, then please share with us your seo secrets by leaving a comment.
Here goes…

Q. Okay, so I bought the plug in (SEOpressor for Word Press) and have one page that is in the 90%+ zone. Thanks. But there is still one chunk that I am missing is a keyword strategy.

Do I just pick one keyword per post? Per site? As I cover such a wide selection of things what do I do at

Any thoughts?

A. There’s all kinds of keyword devices that I don’t know much about. Mostly, it’s common sense anyway and just because a keyword gets a lot of hits doesn’t mean you are going to convert. That’s why u need lots of content with different keys (between 3-5% for each) and you have to write like that.

For ITK:

1)your home page and interior pages are critical. blog posts just back that up.
example: google “organic serp web design” and see the results (bop35 is me, also) look at the first 3-5 pages of results. I rule that keyphrase and it has paid off nicely this year 🙂

2) Read my seo page

3) Then download and read this:

Also – big easy tip:
when you do a search for a keyphrase, look at the bottom of search results for alternates and “long tail” keywords (google that)

At the minimum, your home page needs keywords in:
page title
first 300 words text

all done in a logical outline

mix and match keyphrases to cover your bases

I’m not sure how SEOpressor is going to work for you,  but it def covers the basics and guides you in how to write seo content.

hope this helps