Just Like a Runway Model

… you can dress up your website anyway you want with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Don’t like the background color? Change it with a few keystrokes! Wanna  “rearrange the furniture” (like where pictures are placed, or a paragraph)? Change the “top:” and “left:” numbers and POSITION anywhere on the page! And if the words look funny to you, or just don’t feel right for what you’re trying to say, easily change the “font-family” (from, let’s say, “Arial” to “Tahoma” or, for the really artsy, “fontdiner-sparkley”). And the best thing about this is, there’s only one changing room backstage – make your changes on one page and every page on your site is looking like what ever you feel at the moment! Sure beats going to EVERY page on your website and making the stupid cut and paste changes (pure hell when you have a few hundred pages!), like going to each designer’s showroom during the show. nope.

A simple example of this is my recent redesign of the Chequered Flag Classic and Sports Car website (aside: if you want a vintage British sports roadster, they’ve got over half-dozen MGs. Cute little convertibles, great for California, ‘cept maybe not today… or this week). Look at the web design and notice in the upper right of the page (in a place we webdudes call a “header”), see a link “Style 1 2 3 4 5”.  Click on each number to see the different blouses, skirts and hats today’s model is wearing for each turn down the runway.

Guess which one the client went with? Maybe you have the same sensibilities? The lucky winner gets a date with me (or cash equivalent. trust me. take the date). Guys, some lucky homeless person gets bus fare in your honor.

Curious bout this CSS? For the artiste,  CSS Zen Garden .

Constantly learning, eternally evolving, staving off the onslaught of Alzheimer’s and dementia daily. We appreciate your support <3


the old site (still live til Jan 1): Chequered Flag OG

the redesign (go live Jan1. hopefully): Chequered Flag Redesign “with SEO in mind!”

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