#1 in Google for "serp web design" screen shot proof

No Promises. Just Proven Results. #1 in Google search nationwide for "serp web design" -

I LOVE IT! What I’ve been able to do for my clients in my first year of seo web design business has been elusive to NicksWebWorks. I’m thinking car dealerships and beauty salons aren’t all that sophisticated in the voodoo of search engine marketing (sem). Since turning pro a little over a year ago, all my seo web design clients have been at or near the top in Google SERPs (“search engine results placement” for those of you playing at home). With the exception of “srp seo”, (a “long tail” keyword if there ever was one), NWW was nowhere near the top for “web design los angeles”. It seems that MY competition has many years on this newbie, and bury me in the local SERPs.
The age factor can be a two edge sword – google loves age on a domaine name. It indicates stability, not a fly-by-night affair, and that’s Google points. The web design company or freelance web designer who implements best practices and remains up to date will reign, but those designers who can’t overcome the inertia of tech that worked well in the past put their websites at a grave disadvantage to “newbies” like NWW.
Proof is, I got a response to my contact form (conversion. nice.) to do seo on a half dozen websites for in New Jersey. I asked how he found me, and he replied that nickswebworks was #2 in the SERPs for “web design for serp”.
That’s Bad. That’s NATIONWIDE!
And I just got the FIRST PAYMENT in my PayPal account.
So, if you have new domain name with no history, less than a dozen backlinks and no blog established, NicksWebWorks “Clean Code Advantage” seo web design techniques can give your business website the kickstart you’ll need in SERPs, and a strong foundation for your search engine marketing (sem) strategy way in to the future. So let’s get those payments into your account
SEO by the book.
It works.

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