Investing in SEO? What you need to know NOW

When selecting an SEO provider, you’ll find there are a lot of them, but not all offer the same services – or results. Look for an expert, ideally someone with experience in your industry. And don’t expect immediate results. SEO is a process that builds upon itself and can take time to show value. If someone promises you immediate SEO results or guaranteed rankings, be concerned.
There are many aspects of SEO, but the two main factors you should know are “on-page” SEO and “off-page” SEO. On-page SEO is your actual web design, which should include the clean HTML code that Google loves, researched keywords that are naturally occurring in your content (that means all the writing, list and image tags) and the relevance of that content to text based search queries.
Off-page SEO includes backlink structures (where other sites “link back” to your website because your content is valuable, useful and of interest) and advertising. The advertising could be in the form of “pay-per-click” (PPC) ads in search results, social marketing (viral marketing – a scary term, but that’s what it is for now) and conventional push marketing (print, radio, TV and other media ad buys).

Currently, for the small business owner with a limited budget, the best bang for your marketing buck is webdesign with SEO in mind. That is webdesign with all the on-page factors included. Here at nickswebworks, we can’t guarantee your rank in search results (nobody can – if they do, they are lying) but we can guarantee that your website will be designed with all the on-page SEO factors that have got our clients at or near the top of search results for their market niche. That is widely known as nickswebworks Clean Code Advantage.

Nickswebworks creates attractive and compelling websites that rank high in organic SERP (search engine results placement). Over the past few years, our design techniques have taken brand new clients’ websites with no domain history, content or any backlinks to speak of to the top of Google search for their keywords (including “long tail”). In the past year, the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing are now weighing social factors into their search results. Like backlinks (think of them as “votes” for your website), social media “likes” and other factors are now weighed heavily in search results.
Depending on your budget, you may outsource your social media strategy, usually for a monthly fee.  However, with a little advice and some education, you can do it yourself. You may find at your level of play that a full blown agency service might not get you the ROI you desire. That said, Nickswebworks will consult with you on how to set up your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus accounts so that you can interface with your clientele on a more personal level and reap a higher benefit.
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