Hell yeah, you can do it yourself!

… just like when you read books for do-it-yourself tax accounting, legal briefs and/or brain surgery, you get just far enough into the book to realize… you need a PRO to do this job!

So it is with web design and SEO, anybody with half a brain can make a website with DIY programs like “website tonite” (GoDaddy) or (god forbid) WordPress. And good lookin’ ones, too! Not only that, Google TELLS YOU exactly how to get top ranking in their search results with their SEO Starter Guide. Go ahead. Download the pdf, settle in for a nice half hour read.  When your eyes glaze over, then give me a call.

I started in web design to solve my own publishing and distribution  issues.  In the process, I discovered news ways to stretch my artistic sensibilities with new and exciting avenues of expression. I mean, my first web site 12 years ago was to promote The Lucky Stiffs, my blooze band back in the day (’90s).
Fast forward to the 21st Century and now there’s modern techniques and modern browsers and all kinds of groovy new tech to produce, promote and (hopefully) sell art, music and other assorted entrepreneurial endeavours.

So do your thing. Then call me, and I’ll do my thing so your thing can be a total and complete SUCCESS!  I’ve done the research, I  “broke the code” and have a track record of successful results to show for it.

You owe it to yourself and your business, whatever that may be, to do what you do best. Your success is my success, and I won’t let either of us down.




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