Googlelicious Chequered Flag website makeover! mmm mmm good!

Chequered Flag Classic and Sports Car Specialists classic car dealer LA

Live from the web cave: HI! I  just got done with the “approval”” design of my client Chequered Flag International’s classic and performance car dealer website makeover. As you may recall, I did “deep content” SEO surgery six months ago on the existing 5 year old site hosted by The tricks and techniques I used for the NicksWebWorks’ search engine optimization (seo) job resulted in #1  Google search results placement (srp) for a website that was previously invisible in search results for his market niche. That was a miracle because “” is a proprietary, data heavy, mega dealer style web site with their own version of CMS (content management software), kinda like “Word Press” on steroids. (f’real!), That meant I couldn’t do my brand of  “deep-code”  SEO surgery I call the Clean Code Advantage.

Anyhoo, Chequered Flag owner Neil Jaffe was impressed with the Google/Yahoo/bing!  SRP and truly experienced the value of getting the best bang for his web marketing buck by having his site at or near the top of many search results for way less than what he would make on just one classic car deal! However, there was a small, nagging detail… his phone wasn’t exactly ringing off the hook. I had advised from the beginning that a homepage/ landing page makeover was long overdue to improve “conversion rate”. Because of the way eBizautos works (they charge for every little graphic change and their templates are NOT Google friendly), it was somewhat cost prohibitive to do the whole job from the get-go.

Well now the time has come!

Check out the makeover! Also, look at header below the phone and address to see (temporary) links to the different variations on the theme. I threw everything I’ve learned this year into this site – carefully chosen and placed text along with market tested visual design and still keeping within the concept of the original structure accommodating eBizAutos modules. Basically, I remodeled the house, with new construction, new paint and rearranged the “furniture” (all the eBizAutos modules). How this front end will work with eBizAutos back end will be something to see!

New:  Chequered Flag – my recently created mock-up homepage (with variations on a theme. CSS is a gas!!)
Old: Chequered Flag – eBizAutos design from 2005. all dark and…

look at the variations and tell me which version you like best!

whaddaya think? luv to hear from ya!

inspiration and advice from Julie London (goddess of all you see @, Karen Ramot (Google) and the CSS Zen Garden

Chequered Flag web rev 1-1 121210

first rev Chequered Flag website Dec 12 2010