The Google “Dance” and Your Bottom Line

In this episode of “Dancing with Google”, we link to a New York Times article which tells the rest of the world what us web designers and SEOs have been dealing with for the past year or so. Nicks Web Works web design business has grown because of the high search engine results placement (SERP) our clients get, usually in the top 5 of organic (not paid) search results. Their competition sees this and hire NWW because, as one client put it, “anybody can make a website but only the one at the top of Google can get you there”.

That’s all fine and well, except in this game, Google keeps moving the goal posts. Business large and small have thrived from the traffic they get from a high organic SERP. But sometimes, the listing drops off completely, then reappears some time later. That’s what’s called the Google “dance”. That also wreaks havoc with revenue projections and can affect a business’ survival completely.

The alternate is PPC (Pay Per Click) ads that Google sells through it’s Adwords program. Therein lies the rub. Google says they tweak their search algorithms to return the best results by¬† detecting and removing the effect of those who game the system resulting in irrelevant search results. In the most recent update, called “EMD” (exact match domain name), Google has thrown the baby out with the bathwater.

Read this article from the New York Times. Even large websites and marketing giants like “” are not immune.

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nick sharpe