Feelin’ Lucky … AGAIN

NicksWebWorks does it AGAIN! This time for Dave Weiss’ b2b appointment setting service, “The Appointment Source” in New York. Search “qualified sales appointments” in Google. Click the “I Feel Lucky” button and TAS comes up NUMERO UNO (turn off “instant is on” to the right of search box). The best, most cost effective advertising is top Google search results placement (srp).

Get Found Online
Everybody’s doing it. Before your prospects, customers or clients step onto your premises or click over to your online store, they are looking for whatever it is they want with search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing! Today, in order to remain competitive, your business website needs to be found online by the consumers already searching for the products and services that you sell. And that’s just what NicksWebWorks SEO web design helps you do – GET FOUND ONLINE.

NicksWebWorks has proven time and again to get search results placement (srp) at or near the top for our web design clients. Do you have a million dollar advertising budget? Then doesn’t it make sense to make a small investment in proper web site design? Call or email today and get the “Clean Code Advantage” system working for you now.


See how it’s done: