Chequered Flag wins Pole Position!

ho-lee cow!
for those who’ve been following along my nascent webdesign career (went pro 12-09), teaching myself the mysteries of CSS, “semantic” html and other web technologies, i learned something about “on page” SEO.
seems if you code a page correctly and a few other tricks, you can make websites magically appear out of nowhere, to show up at the top of search results for google, bing, yahoo and such. thats a big part of Search Engine Marketing SEM.

nowadays you have to “get found” on the web to stay up with your competition!
what i didn’t get to tell you when i was pullin my hair out the past 6 months was my first job (and Client) (dbc) was invisible in the SERPs for various search terms related to the buying and selling of used cars in Los Angeles. needless to say, competition is fierce in the LA metro area, so just getting to page one wouldve been a a major coup.
well,, with a thorough overhaul and redesign of its website built with nickswebworks “clean code advantage” sits at #1 across dozens of search terms in ORGANIC (not paid) Search Results Placement, or SRP. all this took lots of research, not only in marketing but visual design and technical code.
that really impressed Dennis’ friend and competitor, Neil Ferguson of Chequered Flag International (CF), a classic and modern performance (read exotic) car dealer in Marina Del Rey CA. An established classic car dealer since 1986, their website was a mega dealership site with thousands of pictures and videos of hundreds of cars and connections to ebay, craigslist, AutoTrader and such. what CF didnt have was any “on-page” SEO so they were very far down in the SERPs (search engine results placement). pages and pages down. got the NWW magic touch and now sits at the top of Yahoo, not only at #1 on page 1, but also #6 and #7!
3 entries on the same page is one thing, but 3 entries on the first page in a hotly competitive classic car market like LA? thats a MIRACLE!
or- put another way- that’s the Clean Code Advantage system at work!

so for all you folks who need to have your business come to the top of search engine results placement and their friends, if ya want mo’ clicks, come to nicks!

ciao for now

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