Cheap, Down and Dirty SEO is OVER!

the latest Google algorithm change and its effects on SEO

Google “Penguin” update and what that means for your bottom line

In my previous post, we discussed the intricacies (and inherent problems) of pricing SEO (search engine optimization) with the goal of getting your website to the top of search engine results. That should result in more click throughs for your offer and increase your bottom line revenues substantially. It’s worth repeating that if you can’t be found on the web, you’re losing out on mountains of dollars.
That’s what makes SEO so important, both “on-page” and “off page”. “On page” SEO is what’s on your webpage and that would include relevant content, clean code and other optimization techniques that we employ at Nicks Web Works. The “off page” SEO is mostly about “backlinks”, that is, other websites that link to you. Google counts them as votes and is a metric when they calculate your ranking in search results. Add social signals like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp and now Pinterest to the mix and it gets very involved.
The point of this article is to briefly explain why the cheap, down and and dirty that worked a couple years back is longer any good for any business. The entire professional SEO community is pretty much on the same page after getting many websites de-indexed by massive Google algorithm changes, known as “Panda” (2011) and “Penquin” (2012).
The following article explains those changes and will help you understand where your SEO dollar is going.


New Penguin Update Alert

August 30, 2012 Matthew Green 14 Comments

Penguin Update – If you have not heard already, Google is coming out with a new update which Matt Cutts says is going to be big! A lot of SEOs are getting nervous because at the SES conference in San Francisco Matt Cutts said in his talk that “SEOs are not going to like this update”.

The update has been announced to come out at the end of summer and if you are not being relevant in your market you are going to suffer. Below is a list of important things you should be doing to help protect yourself.

What Your Website Needs To Survive:

Strong market leadership
Relevance in your market
A loyal subscriber base
A social media presence
Manual link building techniques

If you are doing the 5 things I have listed you really have nothing to worry about. If you have been using automated backlinking tools or anything that is not done naturally then you and your websites are going to suffer plain and simple.

Automated link building tools or anything that is not going to directly add great value to your website is going to be ineffective. All the link building tools focused on automation will be dead in the next few days.

If you think about it in a little more detail the only people who are interested in SEO and link building are SEO companies that are trying to sell their services to help drive traffic to their clients websites. If you want to keep your websites or your clients website standing strong at the top of the search engines then it has just gotten simpler.

Quality vs Quantity

Google has now made it so that there is only 1 way left to build a website to gain authority and that is the white-hat way. You need to be building high quality backlinks from guest post articles, relevant blog comments, and various other sources that are relevant.

Another extremely important factor you need is a social media presence. If you do not have a social media presence then you need to start developing these strategies FAST so that you can catch up to what is really going on!

It is also very important that you have social media icons on your website so that your readers and customers can like your content. These days people want to share content, they want to tweet content. If you do not let them then your site will suffer once again. I don’t know anyone that wants to build links to my website. Everyone want to share things on social media.

Start adapting and brace yourself for the latest update. If you have been doing what I have been talking about then you should have no problems as this next Penguin update is rolled out.

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What This Means To You

The cheap way of automating SEO, (backlinks, forum postings, article writing, keyword stuffing… all “black hat”, btw) using software and net robots will get your site delisted from Google search. What is required is much more labor intensive and inherently higher initial capital investment.

The good news is, your website, done right the first time with NicksWebWorks Clean Code Advantage will not only leave your competition in the dust, but will also survive Google algorithm changes no matter what animal in the zoo they choose to name. And that will pay off exponentially in the long run.