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I’ve been preachin’ this all along, but now the hard numbers are in to totally justify nickswebworks.com strategy for designing websites with relevant content that not only look good and rank high in search, but also convert!

That’s why you keep hearing the refrain “anybody can make a website, but only the web designer at the top of search results can get you there”. And just to be clear who that web designer is, go ahead and Google search “seo web design” and see who’s at (or near) the top of SERP (search engine results placement).

SEO Web Design Gets Top Organic SERP

The following article tells about web marketing research and what is needed to get your website to help you achieve your business objectives. And, yes, it’s all about the words.

B2B decision-makers say content can persuade them to buy

Marketers increasingly rely on digital content to target business-to-business (B2B) decision-makers and persuade them to purchase products or services. And now, research finds that this tactic is fairly effective.

According to an April 2013 CMO Council and NetLine survey of B2B decision-makers worldwide, 60% of respondents said online content had a moderate effect on what vendors they chose to work with. Another 27% said it had a major impact, and only 13% seemed relatively indifferent to online content.

B2B executives have expectations for the content they consume, however, and seem disinterested in anything offering surface-level insights. The greatest percentage of respondents (58%) said that content played a role in purchasing decisions when it helped them find new solutions to problems. A significantly lesser 38% said content that introduced fresh thought leadership around business challenges affected what they bought for their company. The findings suggest that for these individuals with minimal time and a long list of responsibilities, the utility of content is key.

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