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Mobile Ready
Responsive Web Design

You've heard about the Google search algo change that favors mobile responsive web design. Get it now for top organic Mobile SERP with NicksWebworks Mobile Advantage Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Google Says "Responsive Web Design Is Mandatory!"

Screen shot of responsive web design for mobile cell phone

Over Half Of Internet Users Search on Smart Phones!

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Getting your web site to look good on handheld devices and convert is no longer an option. Get your piece of the Google mobile pie today! Give us a call 323-960-5655 or use our handy online form 24/7 and get the best responsive web design working for you now.

Google doesn't care about whether you can afford it - they want good quality websites with good quality, responsive content.

Responsive Web Design With WordPress

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Even as recently as a couple years ago, NWW's Clean Code advantage was technically and organically superior. It still is. But, to be fair, WordPress plugins and themes have finally evolved to implementing my technique(s), using web design best practices, to be a web development platform that can compete in the organic SERPs, and especially with mobile responsive web design.

Contact Us today to see if a Word Press Implementation is right for your mobile responsive web design."

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A Word About Word Press Development

Nick Sharpe says:

"When it comes to writing on-page SEO for getting top organic SERP, nothing beats the web design technique that I developed called the "Clean Code Advantage". That technique includes all custom hand coded web pages (no outsourcing), for the best text to html ratio, semantic html5 and css3, all supporting search engine optimized content (pics and text) ... all the candy that Google loves and ranks higher!

Word Press Mobile Responsive Web Development

For the past few years, I've been hand coding mobile responsive web design websites for my customers. That means any NWW website from 3Q 2012 onward is already mobile responsive and only needs a maintenance update. But it seems lately that my customers want a CMS, or "Content Management System", which includes a blog so they can update, add or remove content at will without having to pay their web developer (me) for every little change or article. The CMS of choice is currently WordPress (WP). In the past, I used to argue against a WP site mainly because the actual application, the software that makes it easy for you to post content without touching code, generated many lines of excess code (in anticipation of whatever you may need or want to do)- That created unacceptable text to html ratio. Those extra bits of page code were like speedbumps to the Googlebots, and liable to block you in organic SERP, that is keeping your web site from getting the top position in search results.

Convert Flash Websites to HTML5

iPad Is The Coin of the Realm In TV/Film Production

And It Doesn't Play Flash!

Lady Bret Website Screenshot

For iPhone and iPad

convert flash website to iPhone iPad friendly HTML5 and CSS3

Improve Your SERP and Get Found on the World's Most Popular Platform

"I am so happy with Nick's Webworks! He did an amazing job! If you still have a Flash website that can't be seen on iPads and iPhones, update your website to HTML5!" - Lady Bret, Malibu

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SEO For Mobile Responsive Web Design

Where The Money Is

Web design with SEO in mind means that search engine optimization (SEO) is built into your web design from the ground up, not added on. Market research has proven that excellent on page SEO will give you the strong foundation to leverage your SEM strategy exponentially. That's called "On-Page Leverage". If you have good on-page factors, you can easily outrank your competitors with significantly less backlinks and other "off-page" SEO costs, like PPC ads.

The big companies (or the little guys at the top of search, like us!) usually consult for on-page optimization, site structuring, robots, sitemaps etc. BEFORE they even start building backlinks. Call or email now to get the real deal in SEO, and get the biggest bang for your web marketing buck with NicksWebWorks SEO web design.

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